The GARDNERZ (Sweden)


THE GARDNERZ is a doomy death metal band from the south of Sweden, the band was formed in the middle of 2008 by Wilhelm and in late 2008 Francisco joined the.  A longtime friend of Francisco, drummer Juan Pablo was recruited and after a long time of searching for a vocalist Niclas stepped in to the picture. The Gardnerz inked a deal with Abyss Records in late 2010. The band’s debut album, “The System Of Nature”, was released as Digipack CD through Abyss Records, on LP through Mechanix Records and Digital Download through Digmetalworld in late 2011. Boosted by the tremendous response from the debut album the band started working on new material. In 2011 a new drummer, Vedran Bencic, was recruited, and just after a few months of rehearsing the new songs the band decided to record a mini album. The recording started in early 2012 and yielded the “It All Fades” Mini Album containing six doom and death filed tracks. Later the same year the band started working on what would become the “Exiting reality” single which was released on the 10th of June 2013 as a free download.


Niclas Ankarbranth: Vocals

Wilhelm Lindh: Guitars

Francisco Martín: Bass

Vedran Bencic: Drums



Official Website:




Last fm:



Aristocrazia Webzine

Cmar Net

Damned By Light

Doomed to Darkness Zine

Heavy Hard Metal Mania

Robex Lundgren

The Core of Brutality





1. Don’t Look Back

2. A Horrible Disease

3. Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover)

4. It All Fades

5. Melatonin

6. Erasing Bad Specimen



Aristocrazia Webzine

Beowolf Productions

Blackened Horde Zine

Brutiful Metal Radio

Cmar Net

Crossfire Metal

Doomed to Darkness Zine

From the Dust Returned

Foul Feast

Funeral Wedding

Greek Rebels

Heavy Hard Metal Mania

Heavy Metal Tribune


Johnny Strömbäck

Kaos Guards

Lords of Metal

Metal Disciple

Metal Temple

Music Stage

Metal Wave

Music Waves


Nihilist Zine

Pest Webzine

Queens of Steel

Raw Nerve Zine

Rock Metal Essence

Temple of Doom Metal

The Breathless Sleep

The Grim Tower

This Is Not A Scene

Transcending Obscurity

Voices From the Darkside


Wonderbox Metal

Xtreem Music

Zware Metalen





1. The Art of Suffering

2. Lady in the Grave

3. Your Final Solution

4. Born to Consume

5. Incident

6. Shift in Thought

7. Flaw in the Axiom

8. More or Less

9. Confusion

10. Maybe it’s Time


11. Bloody Vengeance (Vulcano cover)

12. Servants of the Warsmen  (Winter cover)



Alone Music

Aquelarre Magazine

Aristocrazia Webzine

Battle Helm

Blood Chamber

Canadian Assault

Diabolical Conquest

Doomed to Darkness Zine

Friedhof Magazine

Foul Feast

From the Dust Returned

Heavy Hard Metal Mania

Mario’s Metal Mania

Metal Chroniques

Metal Invader

Metal Maniacs

Metal Provider

Metal Psalter

Metal Revolution

Metal Underground

Nocturnal Hall

Pest Webzine

Queens of Steel

Teeth of the Divine

Transcending Obscurity

We Love Metal

Xtreem Music



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