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The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “The System of Nature” DIGI CD review by Transcending Obscurity

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The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “The System of Nature” DIGI CD review

by Transcending Obscurity

By Kunal Choksi

The Gardnerz (it’s such a pain to spell it right) is a Doom/Death Metal band from Sweden. These guys play something like a heavier, Death Metal version of Stoner Doom. For reference, think of European bands such as Runemagick, mid-period Amorphis and a bit of Stoner era Celestial Season. It sounds very good on paper, and it is on disc as well.

If you are familiar with the above bands, you’d know what to expect – groovy, plodding Death/Doom with more emphasis on riffs over atmosphere. Thanks to the Runemagick influences, there are the Middle-Eastern-sounding riffs and solos that are instantly appealing. The hooks are powerful and are bound to stay in your mind well after the album is over. Between the trippy riffing are the melodic parts and acoustic sections, bolstered by the faster and heavier Death Metal trudges. It’s all very coherently and tastefully done. The songs unravel naturally, nothing is forced despite them traversing a wide area of influences. It’s like every song has a tale to tell.

‘The System of Nature’ is a very absorbing album, rich with influences that aren’t limited to just a genre. It’s one of the better releases to have come out and deserves a place in your collection.

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