It actually all started when Allen West and Marco Vreven on the Lowbrow ‘Buried in Europe’ Tour decided to start a new band, and a couple of months later they were working on some songs and recorded a demotape in the Red Room Studio’s in Ybor City. Rock Rollain (Kult of Thorn) joined the forces and he placed some mighty fine Basslines on the songs. Days before the first gig, they asked Sven Poets from Shattered Skull (BE) to join the forces. He learned everything in 3 days and was accepted as a bandmember after a succesfull first show! In 2011 SouthWicked completed the recordings for the debut album “Death’s Crown” and did their first European tour with Master, playing among other shows on Neurotic Deathfest, Europe’s biggest indoor death metal festival. The band signed a deal with Abyss Records in 2011 and will release their debut album in the summer of 2012.


Sven Poets: Vocals

Allen West: Guitars

Rock Rollain: Bass

Marco Vreven: Drums






Last fm:



The Grim Tower

The True Bringer of Death Zine





1. Intro (The Massacre Begins)

2. Death’s Crown

3. Crawling for Blood

4. Killing Spree

5. The Phantom Prince

6. Graveyard of Bones

7. Charming Karma

8. Green River Killing Fields

9. The Only Living Witness



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Fobia Zine

Forbidden Magazine

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Metal Maniacs

Metal Mouth

Pest Webzine

Queens of Steel

Rock Music Star

The Grim Tower

Twilight Magazin


Voices From the Darkside

Zware Metalen



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