SINCERA (Norway)


Sincera were founded by Bjørn “Tiger” Mathisen, and Thomas Aamodt in 2002. The band started up as “Evening”, but changed their name to “Sincera” after a couple of years.
Meant to be a side project for members of other Norwegian Black / Death Metal bands.
Sincera was a phrase that the ancient Romans used to describe a statue that were so perfect that it didn’t have to be vaxed, to cover up all the cracks and splits… It was Sincera..
A name suitable for the band came, after a few lineup changes, now were ready to unleash devilish songs in both the rehearsal room and for the people!
The band’s lineup the latter years have been: Bjørn “Tiger” Mathisen (FESTER), Thomas Andresen ( ALGOL / DEATHSEEKER), Thomas Aamodt ( WITHER / PSYCOTIC PAIN) and Lars Erik Duserud (DECIPHER).
The band recorded 5 studio tracks at Not Complicated studio in 2005. The tracks were burned on CD and were meant to be released as a demo called “Tall and proud”. The demo were given away to a couple of ‘zines and to like 15-20 people, then stopped. This CD is now a gem for collectors and very difficult to get hold of.
The band will now release a full length DIGI CD that includes these 5 tunes, remastered and 4 live tunes from a gig in Sarpsborg in 2006. The sound from the gig was recorded with a handheld camera to capture the real raw feeling and sound that you actually get going to a concert in a small, dark venue. Something different than other live albums recorded and mixed with a 96 track board and polished and mixed like a studio album. We have tried to capture the essence of Sincera LIVE. The album will be entitled “Cursed and Proud” and will be unleashed through ABYSS RECORDS. Release September 20th, 2011.
The band is on and off, as the members lately has been concentrating on their main bands and other projects. That being said: The album will just be a taste of what is to come…


Thomas Andresen: Vocals, Bass

Bjørn “Tiger” Mathisen: Guitars

Thomas Aamodt: Guitars, Zynth

Lars Erik Duserud: Drums





Last fm:



Heavy Metal Tribune

Occult Black Metal Zine





1. Tall and proud

2. A Griefers soul

3. Cursed (could have been such a beautiful word if not thrown upon by others)

4. Blinded

5. Die like Jesus christ (live)

6. Where am I !?! (live)

7. Move (live)

8. Smell of fear (live)

9. Byron Lawless (Bonus track)



Aquelarre Zine

Aristocrazia Webzine

Clandestine Metal Zine

Heavy Metal Tribune

Mario’s Metal Mania

Metal Maniacs

Metal Psalter

Metal Revolution

Metal Team UK

Norsk Metal

Occult Black Metal Zine

Queens of Steel

Scum Feast Metal



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