Noctis Imperium’s flame was lit in the year 2001 as a black metal one man project by the will and vision of Isaias ‘Aeneas’ Guilarte.
Following a period of song writing and recording two demos (one being the self-titled 2003 Demo and the other 2004’s “Night Divine”), the time had come to take Noctis Imperium to the next step of it’s evolution, thus the four-headed monster was spawned in 2004 with the addition of Daniel ‘Hephaestion’ Haddad (bass), Máriel ‘Aegrimonia’ Marín (guitar) and Jesus Soto (drums), combining their skills to deliver Noctis Imperium’s blasphemous hymns. They traveled widely and shared their on-stage insanity with some of the best live acts in Venezuela, scything their path with anti-religious messages, and the sheer brutality of their music. No compromises.
Noctis Imperium didn’t miss a beat when Soto left the lineup. Their search for a drummer led them to the UK’s Nick Barker (ex-Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Testament, Brujeria, Lock up), who was recruited to work with the band on their forthcoming debut album, ” The Age of the Golden Dawn”. A fearsome drummer, Barker added a new level of brutality to the band’s sound, by producing one of his most savage performances. The album is currently being mastered at Mastersound Enterntainment by no other than Alex Krull (Atrocity, Leave’s eyes), expecting to be released through North American label Abyss Records.
One of the highlights of Noctis Imperium’s career was opening for Austrian band Belphegor on September the 18th 2009, rising Venezuela’s horns up, receiving a great percentage of good reviews for their performance. In 2010 , drummer Jorge ‘Pepino’ González made it’s comeback, whom with the band made it’s first European run, which they decided to name “European Imperium 2010”, in promotion of the “Nihil” EP. González was also on Noctis Imperium’s national tour entitled “Venezuela Tour 2009”, where along the bands Scythe and Landsemk, they played in some of Venezuela’s most important cities.


Isaias: Vocals, Guitars

Máriel: Guitars

Daniel: Bass

Jorge: Drums




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1. Ra-Hoor-Khuit

2. Descensus Ad Inferos

3. Bring Me Sacrifice

4. Noctis Imperium

5. Maze of Torment (Morbid Angel cover)

6. Unus In Nihil

7. Through Fire and Cosmos (LIVE)

8. Maze of Torment (Morbid Angel cover LIVE)



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From the Dust Returned

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Occult Black Metal Zine

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