“And we have the prophetic word made more sure. You will do well to pay attention to this as a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.” Maax can only be described as pure, old school, alcoholic heavy metal hellfire scathing the night with buzzsaw riffage of fist-banging, slut-fucking black thrash n’ roll to haunting passages of Luciferian menace. A suicide requiem by the unholy name of DAWNBRINGER is now available on Abyss Records NEW IN SPRING 2010!!! Maax “SIX PACK WITCHCRAFT” DIGI CD EP on Abyss Records! Maax began their journey in the Summer of 2006, from the ashes of another failed musical endeavor. Continuing to forge the fires at home were Kyle Kreider / Guitars and Jeff Brown / Drums, all though not able to escape the revolving door curse, Vocalist / Bassist Sky Kingrey exited Maax soon after the Dawnbringer sessions. Sparking some independant label interest with Dawnbringer Maax found a home on Abyss Records in 2009 and released their debut album. The remaining founding members / visionaries effortlessly re-grouped to record the Six Pack Witchcraft EP sessions and perform live once again with this line-up 2009 to current, the newest addition being Jeremy Starkey (Necrophagous) on Bass to free up Brets talents for the second guitar slot. Maax will enter Ensomberoom Studio to record “Unholy Rock & Roll” Spring of 2010 with a tentative 2011 release date, this will be Maax’s third opus and second full-length work. ATTN: WE ARE NOT “CORE” or “ELITE” WE ARE HEAVY METAL, WE ARE MAAX!!!


Kyle Kreider: Guitars

Brett Schlagel: Guitars

James “Jeff” Brown: Drums

Jeremy Starkey: Bass

Tim Green: Vocals






Last fm:



A Blog in the Northern Sky

Aquelarre Magazine

Hails and Horns

Heavy Metal Tribune

High Wire Daze





1. Coldest Steel

2. Fight With Fire

3. Unholy Rock & Roll

4. Do What Thou Wilt

5. Maax

6. Rot ‘n’ Roll

7. Purge of Depravity 2 (The Pentagram)

8. Overthrone

9. Black Thrash Em’ All

10. Deliverer

11. One More Time



Aquelarre Magazine

Aristocrazia Webzine



Canadian Assault

Chaos Vault

Christopher Latta

Clandestine Metal Zine

Cosmos Gaming

Dave’s Underground Laboratory

Dead Void Dreams

From the Dust Returned

Hard Rock Info

Heavy Metal Tribune

Mario’s Metal Mania

Metal Chroniques

Metal Maniacs

Metal Review

Metal Team UK

Mundo Rock & Heavy

Metal Underground

No Clean Singing

Occult Black Metal Zine

Queens of Steel

Ripple Music

Scum Feast Metal

Secret Face

Terrorizer Magazine

The Ringmaster Review

Twisted Psychology

Xtreem Music





1. Die by the Ax’

2. Fire In The Hole

3. Go Fuck Yourself

4. Six Pack Witchcraft

5. Bastards




Chaos Vault


Hell Ride Music

Metal Crypt


My Last Chapter

Occult Black Metal Zine

Pest Webzine

Queens of Steel





1. Blut Reich… Blood Dawn

2. Breath Upon The Embers

3. Dawnbringer

4. Reborn Beneath A Black Sun

5. Open Fire

6. Vexed In Impurity

7. Wickedness Of Eternal Death

8. Purge Of Depravity Luciferi Rex

9. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover)



Occult Black Metal Zine




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