HUMANGLED is a death metal band from Pisa (Italy) born from the cyber-grind duo of Putrid Sequence (“Inside Reeking Organs”, 1994). After having released “Anatomic Butchery” (1996) demotape, which received very good reviews from the beginning on magazines, the band disbanded for personal reasons and remained inactive until December, 2006, when the duo Goreds / Scurb reassembled.
Humangled came back with back EP “Refoetalize” in April, 2007, a CD sound that could be defined briefly as brutal death metal with electronic-industrial rhytms; a certainly controversial work and not production defectless, but a necessary work to fix a defined point for band restart.
Evolution of musical style following the line up joining of Tat0, bassist of Glacial Fear/Zora/Schizo, led to Humangled release of “Edge of Beyond” MCD in June 2008 on all major mp3 networks (itunes, napster, amazon mp3), and with the further cooperation with Raffaele Pezzella from Symbolyc they started to record their first album.
In 2010 Humangled signed with Abyss Records from Indianapolis (USA) to release their debut album “Fractal” on 31st May. Production/Mixing/Mastering was made by Dan Swano @ Unisound Studios (SWE), like for the new EP titled “Odd Ethics” coming out May 2012.


Andrew Goreds: Vocals

Luke Scurb: Guitars

Vhell Miscarriage: Guitars

Fred Valdaster: Drums

Frank Nichols: Bass






Last fm:



Bands Tribe


Teeth of the Divine





1. Needles of the Blind

2. Skinned, to Feel All

3. Smells Acrid

4. Deny Your Creed



Aristocrazia Webzine

Bands Tribe

Battle Helm

Beowolf Productions


Clandestine Metal Zine


Dead Void Dreams


Extreme Metal Factory


From the Dust Returned

Forbidden Magazine

Global Metal Apocalypse

Hails and Horns

Hard City

Har Sounds

Italia Di Metallo

Metal Head

Metal Italia

Metal Maniacs

Metal Shock Finland

Metal Talk

Metal Wave

Misantropia Extrema

Mondo Metal Webzine

Orbit Ball

Paper Blog

Pest Webzine

Queens of Steel

Ripple Music

Secret Face

Suoni Distorti Magazine

Terrorizer Magazine

The Grim Tower

The Metal Minute

The Ringmaster Reviews

Time for Metal

True Metal

Variety of Death Zine

Zombie Ritual Zine





1. Fruits of Abdomen

2. From Empty Sockets

3. Infinitesimal

4. Brutalize the Pedophile

5. Liquidfire

6. Cognitive Montrozity

7. Under the Roots

8. Burning from Inside

9. As Individuality Fades

10. Reversed Humans




Doom to Grind Zine


Funeral Rain

Masterful Magazine

Metal Maniacs

Mondo Metal Webzine




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