In the summer of -04 what was to become Corrosive Carcass was formed, with the simple intention of playing metal independent of subgenres. As time passed, and we all learned more, the band became more serious and our style was constantly changing. We where jumping back and forth between styles, trying to find what was right for us and after failed attempts at compromises we decided to try Death Metal again. Jonathan Sjöblom joined the band in early -07 wich was yet again a new start, as we got rid of all material from before that time and started preparing for playing live. We played a few gigs by the summer of -07 followed by the recording of our demo that never got released. At the end of 2008 our then current drummer Fredrik Lindorf decided to depart from the band, and having trouble finding a suitable replacement guitarist Markus Janis took over the role as the band’s drummer, with newly recruited Robin Dahlberg as new guitarist. However, Robin’s membership did not last long as he moved down south and thus we found yet another new and now current guitarist Christian Kanto at the Das Herbstfest gig of september -09. Since then we’ve managed to release our very first demo Rot.In.Pieces in 2010. Recorded debut full length in Autumn 2011, which was released by Abyss Records mid 2012.


Jonathan Sjöblom: Vocals

Christian Kanto: Guitars

Mikael Lindorf: Guitars

Peter Koistinaho: Bass

Markus Janis: Drums



Official Website:



Last fm:



Battle Helm

Hatred Means War

Raw Nerve Zine

The Core of Brutality

The Grim Tower

The Wizard of Noz





1. The Flesh is not Enough

2. Butchershop

3. Self Mutilation

4. Born in a Casket

5. Necrotizing Fasciitis

6. Awesome Nuclear Power

7. Twist of a Knife

8. Chainsaw Dissection

9. Avatar

10. Collector

11. Dawning Death

12. Hunger

13. The End of Us All



Aquelarre Zine

Ave Noctem

Battle Helm

Beyond Metal


Canadian Assault

Chaos Vault

Clandestine Metal Zine

Crossfire Metal

Dead Void Dreams

Death Grind Freak

Decayed Sun Records

From the Dust Returned


Greek Rebels

Hails and Horns

Hatred Means War

Heavy Metal Tribune


Lacerated Thrash Metal

Maelstrom Zine

Metal Bite

Metal Head

Metal Maniacs


Musikeni Mittliv

Orbit Ball

Pest Webzine

Powerplay Magazine

Queens of Steel

Raw Nerve Magazine

Scream Magazine

Terrorizer Magazine

The Grim Tower

True Metal



Voices From the Darkside

Winter Torment

Zware Metalen



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