BANE (Serbia)


Created in 2006 by Branislav (SENIUM, GOAT EATER).
Being a one-man band, a Demo called “Unfinished” was recorded in 2007, but never released. BANE then fell into oblivion. Two years of silence and absence had passed before the writing process started to develop again.
For the first time a new line-up was gathered in late 2009 when the band recorded a 4-track EP, and soon after, “Misanthropia” was unleashed (which later got re-released). With a few struggles with the new members once again, BANE finally managed to start performing live rituals in the European underground scene in the year of 2010.
The same year, the band’s long awaited debut full-length album entitled “Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness”, recorded in HellSound Studio (CZ), got officially released and is now available worldwide on Digi-CD/CD/MC Format.
In 2011, the band also took part in the “Black Souls Rebellion” 5-Way Split Digi-CD, and appeared on the “Necrodeath Ritual” Split MC with cult Malaysian Black Metal band Neftaraka as well.
In early 2012, the band successfully completed their 3rd European Tour entitled “Keepers Of The Black Flame”. Short after, they released their first single & official video clip from their upcoming 2nd full-length album “The Acausal Fire”, which is set for an Autumn 2012 release via US Label Abyss Records.
So far, BANE shared stages with many well-known international acts such as Sodom (Ger), Malevolent Creation (USA), Decapitated (Pol), Inquisition (Col), Dornenreich (Aut), Agrypnie (Ger), Cor Scorpii (Nor), Svart Crown (Fra), Root (Cze), etc, appeared on several European Tours and many other Concerts & Festivals in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Bosnia & Hercegovina.
More tour dates & new releases to be announced soon…


Branislav Panić: Guitars, Vocals

Eddy: Bass, Vocals (Backing)

Gabriel: Drums

Max Allard: Guitars, Vocals (Backing)



Official Website:




Last fm:



Battle Helm

Blackened Horde Zine

Clandestine Metal Zine

Exit Fest


Metal Crypt

Metal Fever

The Core of Brutality

The Wizard of Noz

Winter Torment



 photo BANE-TheAcausalFireDIGICDcoverart_zps78b6c731.jpg



1. Bringing Forth The Endless Dark Aeon

2. The End of Humanity

3. In Endless Silence

4. As Chaos Rises

5. Light the Black Flame

6. The Truth Unleashed

7. World of Desolation

8. Existence in Denial

9. Entering the Paradoxical Sphere

10. Night’s Blood (Dissection cover)




Aristocrazia Webzine

Battle Pig

Battle Helm

Blackened Horde Zine

Beowolf Productions

Crossfire Metal

Dead Void Dreams

Destructive Music

D.O.A. Magazine

From the Dust Returned

Fugly Maniacs

Greek Rebels

Head Bang

Heavy Hard Metalmania

Homicidal Breath


Lords of Metal

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Metal Disciple

Metal Head

Metal Observer

Metal Nobility

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Metal Temple

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Misantropia Extrema

Nocturne Magazine

Occult Black Metal Zine

Old Disgruntled Bastard

Pest Webzine

Queens of Steel

Rotting Hill

Shinjuku Metal

Snooze Control

The Grim Tower

Tomb With a View

Voices from the Darkside



Wicked Channel

Winter Torment

Zware Metalen






1. Awakening of the Evil Spirits

2. The True Insomnia

3. Pandemonium

4. Lost Shadows

5. Abhorrence

6. Plague Upon Yourself

7. Inherited Infection

8. The Haunting Presence

9. Dysthymia

10. The Dawn No More Rises (Dark Funeral cover)



Dave’s Underground Laboratory

From the Dust Returned

Malicious Intent

Mario’s Metal Mania

Metal Believe



Pest Webzine

Queens of Steel

Raw Nerve Zine

Rockerilla Magazine

Voices From the Darkside




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