BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review by HomicidalBreath

BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review

by HomicidalBreath

By HomicidalBreath

Bane is basically Branislav Panic(began as a one man project). The line up has been pretty unstable and so has Bane in general, as you’ll see on their page here on the archives they’ve been on hiatus(or split up?) numerous times since forming in 2006; 2006-2007, 2009-2012, 2013-present. Branislav moved from Serbia to Canada(wooo!) in 2012 I believe and got a so far stable line up as of 2013. I was a huge fan of the debut “Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness” which proved the guy has an impressive amount of songwriting skill so when “The Acausal Fire” came out in 2012 I got my hands on it as quick as I could and I was VERY impressed. Their sound is extremely Dissection influenced but not to the point of being a full on clone but nonetheless, this has Dissection written all over it. If you feel like you’ve listened to the first two Dissection albums seemingly 1000 times and want more, Bane is definitely recommended.

They even chose to show their Dissection influence and cover the legendary “Night’s Blood” and did a great job. Believe it or not, I think it’s so close to being as good as the original, the only thing that stops it from being on par is that it doesn’t have the dark atmosphere that “Storm of the Light’s Bane”(wonder where they got their band name?). I blame this on the production, it’s pretty polished but it doesn’t take away from the album as it’s not over polished. Oddly enough, the album still maintains a rather eerie atmosphere but nothing compared to the aforementioned album. Don’t let the production being clean turn you away from listening to this, you’ll regret it.

The album opens up with a rather predictable intro “Bringing Forth the Endless Dark Aeon” which is somewhat unnecessary but it does set the mood of the album which could be described as eerie. Then “The End of Humanity” kicks you in the teeth with an amazing melodic tremolo riff with an icy guitar tone. I love the guitar tone on this album, it just has that cold, icy tone you hear in black metal bands, yet another DIssection similarity. This album is loaded with amazing, melodic tremolo riffs, the opening riff from “In Endless Silence” is a great example. The majority of the riffs are tremolo but Branislav also makes good use of chords and power chords which are also commonly found in black metal, Behemoth uses that style of riffs with chords but I can’t really describe them. There’s also a decent amount of eerie, melodic harmonies(see: “As Chaos Rises”, great melodies and harmonies in this track). There’s also some amazing acoustic sections, the outro of “In Endless Silence” is a good example. The leads/solos are very much as the riffs; very melodic, well executed and eerie. if you’re looking for technical shredding you’ve come to the wrong place, the sole purpose of the leads/solos are to be extremely melodic just like everything on the album. Branislav is great at coming up with melodic black riffs, it may be nothing completely original but I don’t think his intent is to be original, only few bands are these days.

As for the other instruments, the bass is somewhat audible, not much but it’s definitely there, doesn’t do anything spectacular but the fact that it’s audible is satisfying considering it’s became a trend to leave your bass player for dead. The drum work was done spectacularly. There’s loads of phenomenal fills/rolls in each track, Occultum really impressed me when I noticed he did perfect on the beginning drum fill at the beginning of “Night’s Blood” and kept up with the drumming greatly. There’s also very well executed double kick, I can’t tell if he was using a trigger or not but if he is it doesn’t sound very mechanical which is a bonus. There’s lots of wicked blast beats as well which should go without saying, as far as I’m aware every band I’ve listened to that has any sort of black metal in their genre makes good use of blast beats. I’m just a guitarist but I play my buddy’s drum set at least a couple times a week and I can barely even keep a beat so it just amazes me how these guys do this stuff. As for the vocals, there’s two different styles; gravel throat black metal vocals and death metal growls that aren’t guttural at all. There’s times when Branislav layers them over top of each other which somewhat reminds me of Glen Benton’s aside from the fact Glen sounds like a fucking demon, i still question myself if he actually is a demon.

I only occasionally talk about the lyrics in reviews but I feel I must express how much I like the lyrics on this album, there’s some lyrics that are slightly predictable but others that are phenomenal. The majority of the lyrics are based upon misanthropy and misery with a couple songs having a different theme. Here’s some of my favourite lyrics from the album, taken from “In Endless Silence”;

“From the eternal night, in endless silence I watch the world go by No hope is left, and all was lost I watch the human race die Take away – knowing I will be Forsaken – I shall set my spirit free… Leaving this world – without a goodbye… Frozen – my heart’s bled dry…”

I’m not sure what it is about this song but when I listen to it while thinking of the lyrics I just get that odd, eerie feeling in my gut, that says enough. Now, for the most important thing about an album; the songwriting. The songs are pretty straight forward, most are within 3 minutes and a few a bit over 4 minutes. The song structures aren’t complex at all but they aren’t all “verse, chorus, verse, chorus…etc.” and I’m not usually paying attention to song structures when I’m listening to an album anyway. The songs are highly enjoyable, memorable and all have replay value, aside from the intro “Bringing Forth the Endless Dark Aeon” and “Entering the Paradoxical Sphere” which is kind of an outro but it leads into the Dissection cover. There’s not any filler on here, not even the cover which is impressive as most bands just run out of ideas and figure “Let’s just throw a cover on there instead of writing another track”. I think the statement “no filler” speaks volumes of how much songwriting skill Branislav has especially since this is their second full length and he did great on the debut as well, although he has been in several other projects as well, nonetheless he’s still phenomenal.

“The Acausal Fire” is a great record from start to finish. They have a new single coming out tomorrow “In Darkness and Hatred” so there may be a new album in the works! Hopefully. I highly recommend this album(and their debut) for fans of Dissection, Thulcandra, Behemoth(particularly 1997-2003 era), Sacramentum, Belphegor and although they aren’t similar fans of Watain, Vesania and Necrophobic will probably like this.

Highlights, no order: “As Chaos Rises”, “In Endless Silence”, “World of Desolation”,

Rating: 95%

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