The GATES OF SLUMBER (U.S.) “…the Awakening” CD review by Metal Rulez

The GATES OF SLUMBER (U.S.) “…the Awakening” CD review

by Metal Rulez

By Poodle)

The recently disbanded group Gates of Slumber was quite a well-known object in the doom metal firmament, however, ashamed to admit, the music of this team meet for the first time right now, on the occasion of the renewal of their full-length debut in 2004. Resumption made by Abyss records in the past year is different from the original one bonus track, as amended by the order of “songs” as well as new artwork and cover (drawn by Ken Kelly, known for his jokes cover Manowar, Kiss, Rainbow and … books on Conan) . The fact that I did not know this band before is of course proof of my ignorance, but when describing re-edit this has the plus that I do not have to exert yourself how should I describe something he knows by heart, hehe. In any case – I do not know why, but I associate the Gates of Slumber playing some mighty funeral doom or something like that, while it turned out that – at least on the debut – it was playing quite traditional. So at this point I could begin to write in cliches about sabbathowych riffs, Saint Vitus weight, etc. However, the first thought while associating with the “Awakening” went in my case, in the direction of Oakland and works of masters from Sleep. More precisely, the debut of this formation. The opening number of the publishing house “Resurrection from the Underworld” could easily be found on that album – especially the vocals can be associated just with the Dream. But the “Awakening” is an album – as much as possible the fairly conservative convention of course – varied in subsequent issues goes, for example, heavy metal guitar solo, dirtier, even punkujace, garage motives (of course not la Exploited, rather in the style of hardcore tour St . Vitus …), some slightly psychedelic (or rather the desert?) climates also found … and the “Executioner” from the beginning seems to be almost a carbon copy “Sign of the Wolf” Pentagram! Generally, “Awakening” album feels too can the original (although remember that a decade ago, some other things were on top …), but a well-thought-out and robust and simply successful. For fans of such heavy barbaric play – the position can not mandatory but strongly recommended.

Rating: 7/10

This review was originally written in Polish and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Polish click the link below.

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