ANGIST (Iceland) “Circle of Suffering” CD EP review by

ANGIST (Iceland) “Circle of Suffering” CD EP review


By Frodi

SÒLSTAFIR and SKÀLMØLD, there you have two great established bands from Iceland. BENEATH, GONE POSTAL, KONTINUUM and OPHIDIAN I, a few of the many great upcoming bands from Iceland. Yes, the Icelandic Metal scene seems to be booming of late, that much is clear. Reykjavik´s ANGIST should definitely be added to the lot as well, because what I´m hearing on their 2011 EP is to great extent fresh while also being rooted in a classic sound.

The influences are obvious so to speak, but the band doesn´t play it safe either. “Circle Of Suffering” opens with the title track; a foreboding, crawling intro gives way to an attacking mid-paced verse with engaging drum work, blackened melodic guitars and ghastly growls from frontwoman Edda Tegeder. The dark tone is set right from the start, you immediately get the feel you´re in for a rough ride, don´t expect anything polished here.

The band pays homage to the late eighties/early nineties sound of Death Metal mixed with doses of classic Doom Metal. “Godless” uses faster and more punishing tempos with even more ominous results, think MORBID ANGEL brutality fused with DEATH circa “Spiritual Healing” era melodies, very cool and very ominous like I said before. There are also these experimental, horror-like ambiences at the end of each track, which adds a very haunting, almost conceptual feel to the flow of the EP.

“Silence” slows things down a bit, being more atmospheric with more UK inspired Doom Metal verses (plus some utterly tormented vocals) and up-tempo sections with great harmonious guitar arrangements. “Unwelcome Thoughts” and “Death Incarnate” close the thirty minute ride with more classic arrangements that still manage to stay pretty strong. The very well balanced song-writing of Edda Tegeder and Gyða Hrund is what keeps the material from sounding mediocre, a worthy skill that´s underrated in my opinion.

Wrapped in a ruthless, eerie sound production, this band is definitely onto something. The goal is undoubtedly to create good Death Metal songs with means to progress whenever the opportunity presents itself. Nothing sounds forced. It´s not like your jaw is gonna drop in amazement all the time, but for what it is, it´s very good.

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