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BANE (Serbia) Interview


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By Roberto de Santiago

Young band from the Balkan (Serbia) with a half-decade of existence. During this time they have released a Demo (2007), an EP “Misanthropia” (2010), a couple of splits & “Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness” (Debut Album). The past November 7th, 2012 was released “The Acausal Fire” their sophomore LP under Abyss Records, without a doubt one of the best Melodic BM albums of the past year. The following interview was conducted the past year. Currently Branislav Panic (BANE ´s alma matter) is relocated in Montréal, Québec where he reformed the band in 2013 with new members; Eddy Levitsky (HOLLOW, KARKAOS) on bass & Backing vocals, Gabriel Choinière-Fortin (Drums) & Max Allard (Guitars & Backing Vocals) from the BM band FROSTBITE.

C: BANE was formed in 2006 but the band had a hiatus from 2007 to 2009 right? – What were the main causes of your recess of 2 years?

Branislav: Correct. The main problem was that back then I had no option for any kind of line-up…the recording purpose of the first demo was in order to find some people, but back then my old Death Metal band Disdained was growing until it disbanded in early 2010, and then my my main focus finally went back to BANE.

C: You are the only former member of BANE currently right? – Why did you have so many problems to find a suitable line-up so far? – What is the statue of Nokkturno in the band?

Branislav: Yes. The constant problems with the line-up are mainly because people usually do not know what to expect when they enter the band. In order to play, you have to be 666% devoted to the band, and have to take everything very seriously – from rehearsals, live concerts, etc… And the majority of the previous band members simply could not put themselves into the position of being a loyal band member. The current line-up is definitely the best & most stable one until date, with Nokkturno as a keyboard (session) player.

C: Your second album “The Acausal Fire” was released just some days ago…Right? Could you tell to ours readers some details about the production of it? I mean Studio, producer, etc…. How time did you spent for the recording?

Branislav: We spent a total of 10 days recording the album if I remember correctly. The recording engineer & producer was Honza “Butcher” Kapak (AVENGER), and the sound was crafted at his own Hellsound Studio, located in Czech Republic.

C: Why did you decide to include a DISSECTION´s cover (´´Night´s Blood´´?)

Branislav: Because for me personally, that is probably if not the best Black/Death Metal composition ever written. I`ve always wanted to make record cover of that song, and this was the right time to do it. We still play that song very often on our live shows, in the honor and rememberance to Jon Nodtveidt & Dissection.

C: ´´Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness (2010) your first album was released under Grom Records. – Why did you decide to change of Record Company? I mean from Grom records to Abyss records? Are you satified with the work of Abyss Records so far?

Branislav: I`ve been in touch with Dan ever since we released our first EP called “Misanthropia”. At first he re-released our debut album on Digi-CD with bonus track with whom I was very satisfied with all the promo work he had done for the band, so it was just a logic step to continue our cooperation. There is no bad blood between us and Grom Records, we just seperated ways on a professional level, while remained in very good friendship relation.

C: I can see Misanthropy is the base in your Lyrical concept. What are the causes of your hate against mankind?

Branislav: The human race itself, and it`s infernal stupidity you can see in everyday life.

C: In March 2011 the band released a split with NEFTAKARA (Malaysia) called “Necrodeath Ritual” and then one year later another a split was released, but this time with LYCANTHROPY (Russia) called “Dissolve and Coagulate”. How was born the idea for these split?

Branislav: I am a fan of all those bands, specially NEFFTARAKA and LyYCANTHROPY. We`ve been in touch for a while, much before we started thinking about releasing something together. I am very glad we did, because those Split releases represent true support between underground Black Metal bands from all over the globe.

C: Now please tell us about your experience touring for Europe. You have played with a lot of European underground bands like: ROOT, AVENGER, INFEST, ENTHRALLEMENT, etc…. Did you share stage with´´bigger´´ bands?

Branislav: Yeah, we shared stages with many bands, but some more “worth mentioning” would probably be SODOM (Ger), MALEVOLENT CREATION (USA), DECAPITATED (Pol), INQUISITION (Col), and so on…concerning Tours – it`s always great to be on the road, meet great people, see other countries, watch great local Extreme Metal bands, etc… Sometimes it can be really hard looking from the financial aspect, also lack of sleep is frequent, etc…but it`s all worth it.

C: Do you think BANE is ready to play in big festivals such as: Partysan, W.O.A, With full Force, Summer breeze, Neurotic Deathfest etc…?

Branislav: Well, technically at this time I can say that we could find find ourselves on those stages and sound decent, but that`s not gonna happen anyway, so…we are a Underground Black/Death Metal band from Serbia, so none of those Festivals really care about bringing us there to play. Besides, I don`t even like to perform on big stages – the atmosphere is usually much better in smaller venues, were the bands really connect with the people inside.

C: Could you tell us something about Serbia? Do you have idea about the beginning of ´´metal´´ in your country? And how this style came to be and what were the pionners bands fron Serbia?

Branislav: I`d spit on my country, how bad it is in every single way, which is the reason why I am now living in Montreal, Québec.

C: And about your city Novi Sad,.. What can you tell us? Do you have a good underground scene in your city? What are the main local bands from Novi Sad?

Branislav: No. We have no Metal shops, no concert venues to play Extreme Metal. You get the point. About the local bands…none worth mentioning really, none take this seriously enough. On the other hand I am the first to understand the difficulties they face, but still…show no mercy.

C: How did influence the political and military conflicts to the metal bands of your country? Can you explain to us how the war to affected negatively to the Serbian metalheads?

Branislav: Don’t mean to be rude or anything, but won’t answer this question the way you expect me to, sorry. The thing is, what’s done is done. You (not you, I mean in general) can’t be talking about the past your whole life and do nothing to make things better. I understand it can be hard, but man…you get to live life only once, so better make the best out of what you have, and work on things you want to have.

C: Can you tell us something about your projects or bands in paralel? I mean GOAT EATER (Grindcore) & SENIUM (Death/Doom). Also you have a new project with Nokkturno right? Called KEYCHAIN what can you tell us about this band?

Branislav: Senium is now history; we announced that the band is splitting up justa few days ago, so that is done. GOAT EATER recorded new material, and I am guessing it will be released sometime in 2013, but nothing confirmed. KEYCHAIN, however is in serious works. Yes, it contains Nokkturno and Lukas of BANE as well, so it’s a similar story with what happened to Death Metal bands OPPRESSOR and BROKEN HOPE – members formed Alt Rock/Metal SOiL, just like we formed KEYCHAIN, which is more or less in the same genre. We released our first single about a month ago, and just finished the pre-production of our first full-length album. Now things are a bit slow & complicated since I moved to Montreal, but the recording will take place sometime soon, and the new stuff should be released sometime in 2013. After that we have some plans, but unfortunately nothing I can share with you & the readers at this time, for the simple reasons that there is nothing confirmed until date. However, I encourage people to come check us out & follow us for news & updates concerning that band:

C: Please tell us a little story about Zlabog Promotions & Zlabog Home Studio… Did you have work with a lot of bands, Right? Can you to name a few ones?

Branislav: Zlabog Promotions is a booking agency which I runned with my long-time friend Nikola. He is currently the only one organizing concerts on Serbian soil, up next being KATATONIA next Spring, amongst other shows. Apart from that we organized many bands, so I will only name a few which I can think of right now: DECAPITATED (Pol), WARBRINGER (USA), CORPUS CHRISTI (Por), etc… About Zlabog Home Studio – this is actually my personal project, which was initially made for my projects only. However after a bit the interest got up to some bands, and so far I produced recordngs for Keychain and Goat Eater as far as my bands go, but did some recording/mixing/mastering for other bands such as Ungoliath (Germany), Paimonia, Ancient Sorrow, etc…

C: What are the main reasons BANE will not to play live presentations during 2013?

Branislav: As mentioned earlier – I changed continents, and now live in Montreal, Québec. It will take time before/if I ever find a new line-up, but I also want to concentrate on the writing of BANE’s 3rd full-length album, which will be pretty complex looking at the demo recordings done so far.

C: What are your next plans for the rest of this year?

Branislav: We toured as much as we could, so now the only thing left to do is to promote the new album as much as possible by getting reviews, interviews, etc…

C: Thanks a lot for this interview; Do you want to say something to ours readers in Clandestine at the end of the interview?

Branislav: Thank you brother for this interview & support, it means a lot. Follow BANE via our official site ( or via Facebook if you prefer ( If you have any questions address them to the band directly:, until then check out our brand new album “The Acausal Fire”, just released via Abyss Records (USA)! HAIL CHAOS! -Branislav / BANE

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