The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review by Blackened Horde Zine

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review

by Blackened Horde Zine

By Kris

One of the many great aspects of reviewing music is often you get to hear how a band grows and improves. After the 2011 full-length album The System Of Nature by Swedish band The Gardnerz, I felt they didn’t have much to improve upon. Their album was a dynamic masterpiece of doom infused death metal that was a real pleasure to experience. The Gardnerz wasted no time getting to work and expanding on their already impeccable sound. The result is their 2012 EP titled It All Fades. This EP is every bit the equal of The System Of Nature in quality and creative songwriting. But this time around The Gardnerz show us that they are not content to simply copy the same formula that made The System of nature a success. They instead decide to expand on their sound and they have created one hell of an incredible EP. This time around they add melodic elements to the already solid musical blend. This combination of doom melodic death metal gives us an EP that is extreme at points but can also slow things down and deliver wispy somber moments of dread that pull you in as a listener. This EP wants to play you by giving you some anger and then swinging you into sadness, and it pulls this off immaculately. All of the brilliant musical performances featured are on The System of Nature are back and also expanded upon. Singer Niclas Ankarbranth still has his deep, dominating death metal voice but this time putts in some great bellowing and some great clean singing too. He is a phenomenal death metal singer that shows he is improving on his already near perfect voice and expanding on what he does best in artistic ways. Not to be out done, guitarist Wilhelm Lindh also expands on his playing keeping his blisteringly brutal death metal riffs but now at times can move to hauntingly beautiful delicate leads and arpeggios. He and bassist Francisco Martin once again weave a perfect tapestry together. This EP has the guts to take on a black metal classic and completely rework it. Transilvanian Hunger by the one and only Darkthrone has been covered here in an intensely fascinating way. They strip out the extreme metal and have a woman beautifully sing the song over soft melodies played gracefully on guitar. This works extremely well as a cover and as a creative spin on a black metal classic. This is one fantastic band and this is one fantastic EP. Constantly imaginative and evolving proving that even though it all fades, The Gardnerz continue to shine.

Rating: 9/10

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