SINCERA (Norway) “Cursed and Proud” DIGI CD review by Aristocrazia Webzine

SINCERA (Norway) “Cursed and Proud” DIGI CD review

by Aristocrazia Webzine

By Mourning

Sincere is the moniker chosen for the project, which involves among other Tiger Fester of Algol and the former Thomas Andresen, have signed a deal with the Abyss Records and released debut album “Cursed And Proud” in September 2011. The product is in line with the style I brought forward by the artists involved, a death very focused on the heels of the old school with mid-tempo that are interspersed with blasts, phrasing the limit with a propensity to thrash and black punctuated by icy melodies far time to remember that hidden in some ways the Greeks Rotting Christ and Dissection in part of this mixture in the past that were the real masters. The platter is one that leaves little doubt it’s real, made with good care, but obviously genuine and deliberately in the sound, the bass cut out a clear dimension pleasant to the ear, the compositions flow with no frills except for some inclusion of synth that enhances the appearance of atmospheric pollution, as if the early nineties for these musicians had never passed, we present them by living intensely and with pleasing results. The material recovered, in part (tracks 1-4) from the demo “Tall And Proud” which was given new life, in part by the “Live In The Essence” (tracks 5-8) to which was added the same name Song of Norway’s entry wrestler Byron Lawless, desires and passion is anchored to the period when the Scandinavian scene churning out works imbued with dark-hued metal. Andresen’s voice with his scratching lends itself to providing a further basis for the loading blackeggiante mostly death oriented and songs like “Tall And Proud”, “Blinded” (short but guessed the stage singing clean), “Die Like Jesus Christ “and the fun bonus track” Byron Lawless “stand out in a platter level, yes, but no missteps. After returning to activities of historians Fester see them side by side by Sincere implies that the circle of young men who turned around now that reality has not lost his desire to play and give their music, as a first step “Cursed And Proud” is convincing and recommended for those who (like me) is a nostalgic not get enough of listening to a certain type of sound, however, give the rest a chance to work on hold to give us official confirmation that it is not just a side project but a band in effect handing over a successor who Bissi positive feelings thus far received.

This review was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Italian click the link below.

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