DEAD AWAKEN (Sweden) Interview by From Beyond Metal Fanzine

DEAD AWAKEN (Sweden) Interview

by From Beyond Metal Fanzine

By Gilbert V

With a long history of demos edited over something over a decade of training, Dead Awaken finally bet on the long duration, an album quite atypical of what we have become accustomed normamente esuchar of their home country, Sweden. Their debut album is titled “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red” the American label Abyss Records gambled on them. After doing things strictly for these cases we contacted Jörgen Kristensen who plays leader and spokesman, despite being on vacation (do not ask where), and being somewhat removed from cybernetics, the internet call her pc or laptop, we responded very briefly and professionally for From Beyond Metal Fanazine.

FBM: What motivated you to record the album?

About time! We have lots of demos released and it was time to do things correctly.

FBM: Can you tell us the story of how this album originated?

Most of the songs were made. But since they had not shown interest in stamps our demos, we realized we’d just record the album and we will consider offers for a deal from there. Our colleague Dennis had told us he wanted to record the album, so we went for it.

FBM: Are you satisfied with the shape and outcome of the cd?

Of course. We really had to work hard to éste.Sobre all because we have decided to part with Andreas, our former bassist, during grabación.Tuve you instantly grow a little and learn to play bass.

FBM: So how do you describe your music?

Aggressive Death Metal, influenced mainly by the U.S. Death metal.Realmente not go for the typical Swedish sound and Vomitory is one of the few Swedish bands that I can say that really influenced me, personally.

FBM: As a band, what are your collective influences?

A drive. Since we are in our 40, which has been a long road and we heard a lot of bands along the camino.Suffocation, Immolation, Vomitory, Dark Angel, Bolt Thrower, Motörhead, Slayer, Overkill, Black Sabbath, the old Death , Morbid Angel & Pestilence.

FBM: They have recorded a lot of demos before releasing the LP, why so long to decide to record with Abyss Records?

Like I mentioned before, no one showed interest in nosotros. Somos a Swedish band, which is not really interested in it sounds sueco. Eso probably confuse etiquetas. Como I contacted Dan & Abyss, I realized how right are for nosotros. Dan Abyss is a great guy and works hard for their bands.

FBM: When originally started Dead Awaken?, What was their vision of the band?

The band had been in business for a couple of months ago, when I was then incorporé.En thrash death metal, with a strict theme the guerra.Ahora is less thrash and more death.

FBM: There seems to be a lot of incredibly talented metal bands coming from Sweden, what is your secret?

Hay.Sinceramente Certainly, I can not say. Did the weather, perhaps? (Nice, warm summers and long, cold winters dark) The fact that we have lived in peace for a couple hundred years? Our Viking ancestry? You tell me. (Laughter. ..)

FBM: So are preparing for the promotion of this album, do you think it will go better than last time?

Since it is our debut album, hope so! Hahaha …

FBM: Farewell and finalesGracias words for the interview!

Keep in the extreme metal!

This review was originally written in Spanish and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Spanish click the link below.

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