SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Apollonian Eyes” CD EP review by

SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Apollonian Eyes” CD EP review


By Marco

The Septekh born in Sweden in October 2008, the group was formed by David Wikström on guitar, Patrik Ström on bass, drums and Staffan Persson Nils Meseke on vocals. The band offers a thrash / death metal with veins blackeggianti. Have behind them a demo tape in 2009 called, well, “Demo 2009”, and 3 EP: “Not Quite What I Had in Mind” (2009), “The Seth Avalanche” (2012) and ” Apollonian Eyes “(2013). The track that opens this last work of the band is also the one that gives its name to the disc: ” Apollonian Eyes , “a very crude form of thrash-death that can bring to mind a black metal which at times touches depressive lyrics. ” Burn It to the Ground “with the piece of battery that slowly increases in volume, the overall structure of the piece reminiscent of Motörhead more thrasheggianti and probably owned by some entity malignant biblical. ‘s pro-rhythmic thrash continue with the putrid ” Cursing the Skies “which, like the previous tracks, seems to be closer to raw black death metal that the real, thanks to the vocal style of Nils. The last song is ” Vlad Tepes “which closes the album with a composition relatively quiet compared to the canons of the above. A job that, given the age of the group as a whole is not surprising nor leave disappointed; their categorization is the thing that really leaves more perplexing because turn out to be much closer to a black metal school Norwegian / Swedish, with influences from Motörhead and Venom, which in a group thrash / death real. ‘d Suit flanked by groups such as 1349 and Carpathian Forest.

This review was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Italian click the link below.

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