ANGREPP (Sweden) “Warfare” DIGI CD review by doomknocker

ANGREPP (Sweden) “Warfare” DIGI CD review

by doomknocker

By doomknocker

Not bad, not bad at all.

No matter what year it is, no matter what era, there will always be some band fascinated with war. I guess it’s an easy enough subject for an up-and-coming metal act…it sorta writes itself, leaving you to concentrate on that ever-so-elusive image treatment. It seems to have worked well with SODOM, MEGADETH, WAR, ZYKLON-B, MARDUK, and multiple others who felt the need to make some sort of statement about the most abhorrent thing mankind can subject itself to, and chances are if left unchecked, countless future acts will leech onto this concept when Satan, paganism, and personal struggles become too done to death (heh…ironic…)

And with that said, we have ANGREPP…

Upon first listen, there seems that this group has that ingredient missing from other groups of their ilk…anger. Rage against the dying of the light. And pretty nifty song-writing. There exists a punkish bitterness in the musicianship, something the likes of WARBRINGER can’t seem to fathom, much less emulate. That’s also what made the earlier mentioned acts as memorable and fantastic as they were. And it doesn’t hurt to come off as a cavalcade of endless riffs, with one after another cascading onto the listener like so much carpet-bombing. There’s all sorts of good things to take in for the listener who occasionally wants pure annihilation with no intrinsic messages and underlying themes outside of the wicked subject matter that seems to be the order of the day, and it’s in plentiful supplies in ANGREPP’s latest. That upbeat punk-like energy explodes with the violence of the group’s obviously competent thrash metal central musical theme from a group of pissed-the-fuck-off noise-mongers who want to just blast their evil hearts out, which is done so with a twinge of professionalism, switching gears time and again from the intense to the groovy in a natural way, leaving much to enjoy and not a whole lot to discredit. Though I guess if any negative aspects exist, it comes from some of the song-lengths…a few of the tracks seem longer than they need to be, it seems, and would’ve been more deathly at shorter lengths (maybe around 1-2 minutes of mayhem would’ve been the way to go), though that can be neither here nor there in the long run. After all, the virulent likes of “Five Horned Formation”, “Warfare” and “Rape, Kill, Rock ‘n Roll” have enough good ideas present to make up for what limitations are there.

As it stands “Warfare” is a fine example of angry, war-faring metal the likes of which haven’t been seen or heard in quite some time. While maybe not on par with the older and more well-to-do acts out there, but for your money you could much worse. Trust me and enjoy.

Rating: 70%

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