BANE (Serbia) “Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness” DIGI CD review by

BANE (Serbia) “Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness” DIGI CD review


By William Nijhof

Bane from Serbia was created in 2006 and brings you straight in face black/death metal filled with melody. They released their demo in 2007 and their first EP in 2010. This is their debut which is also released in 2010. This album starts with a dark and melodic intro and then becomes a journey of high speed blasts and typical black metal riffs combined with dark and atmospheric elements in it, the same goes for the acoustic and melodic parts in the music (its ravaging and it makes you listen to the entire album). If you think that that is all…no fucking way. As I already said that the music brings you in a kind of ecstasy because this is a journey that is brought to you in three chapters. The first 2 chapter starts with an instrumental and then the chaos comes, well done!! The third chapter is the more chill out chapter and sounds also great. The best parts are the vocals, low grunts combined with very well performed black scream (in my opinion). I Guess you can call this their answer too all the rock opera and other stuff hahaha. This album is filled with variety and the production of this album is over the top good. If you like bands like Cradle of Filth (old style) then you are going to enjoy this album.

Rating: 80/100

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