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ANGIST (Iceland) Interview


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By Elena Aren “Akaah”

They have the skill and talent to spare, an original style and the desire to carry out its project in music. But above all, what distinguishes the Angist and in particular its two leaders Edda and Gyda is the great frankness: do not seek easy consensus as women, do not play death metal only joking …

Akaah : Today we have a guest the Icelandic death metal band Angist almost complete, with the frontman and guitarist Edda Tegeder , the other guitarist, Gyda Thorvaldsdóttir and bassist Haraldur Ingi Shoshan . Welcome to Metallized! First of all, as the Icelandic festival Eistnaflug is one of the milestones of your tour with the band Faroese Earth Divide , what are your impressions of FERDIN til Heljar 2013 tour (tour that annually includes a band Faroese and Icelandic, with stops in both nations, Ed)?

Gyda : So far it’s been great, fantastic, really interesting, the boys of the other band, the Earth Divide, they are really funny …

Edda : We were really lucky to be chosen for this tour with them …

Gyda : In fact it is the staff of G ! Festival every year chooses two groups, one Icelandic and Faroese one, for this tour, so one can be found to spend two whole weeks of touring with a band of strangers … we were really lucky to have met them. So far it has been wonderful, we had a great …

Haraldur : And we can not wait to go to the Faroe Islands!

Akaah : Another particular news story was that of the republication of one of your early work, the EP Circle Of Suffering , in a new edition, enriched and, above all, in the box. What are the reasons that led you to make this choice unusual?

Gyda : It was a rather random thing, there was a person in Malaysia, owner of a distro (the Narrowards Kult , Ed) who contacted us to propose a deal. He wanted to publish our work but it is very expensive to ship CDs from Iceland, not to mention that, due to customs fees, we would have had to pay extra when there would have been sent copies. So we have been obliged to decline the offer, given that we only wasted money. He told us that though he wanted to publish it anyway, but in boxes, and we accepted. Given the long lead times of shipping from Malaysia, we have not yet received our copies personally, but the work was carried out in a truly professional.

Edda : This release also includes the songs in our first demo and is the first to include the published in the EP and in the demo.

Gyda : We’re really pleased, although it was a rather random thing, the guy was really professional and was passionately devoted to this work, it was great.

Akaah : From the past to the future: you have announced that you want to release an album later this year. How are the recordings? Do you have any anticipation to do about it?

Edda : We have clearly already started working on this album and writing songs and hope to publish it soon …

Gyda : This depends mainly on our label, we pianificavamo long before you start recording, because we are all workers or students who do not have much free time, but we could not do much last winter and now we’re on tour. We hope to continue recording in September and October, then we’ll see what the label says. We hope that the process will be pretty quick.

Akaah : Speaking of labels, have recently signed a record deal with the U.S. label Abyss Records : are you satisfied with this new collaboration?

Gyda : So far, we are satisfied. Ferguson Daniel , the owner of the label, someone like us, has given birth to this small label is continuing to develop and treats with great respect its artists, so we’re happy. In addition, personally he followed us from the beginning, we had contacted immediately as soon as we published our first two songs on Myspace and even then we discussed in our music. I do not know if you let us sign a contract was already in his mind then, but when we started looking for a label, he became affected and we closed the deal. So far everything went well, because this professional environment and full of dedication for music is exactly what we needed.

Akaah : The time comes for a rather obvious question: how does it feel, to be the female leader of a death metal band? How did you find inside the Icelandic scene? Have you ever had to deal with the problems?

Edda : There were difficult moments, but in general people support us …

Gyda : We do not see ourselves as’ oh yes, we are women who make metal “, we have this idea of ourselves … ah, I can not really ever how to answer a question like this! (Laughs, Ed.) We’re just two girls in a band, we have fun and it’s nice to have someone else to talk to, spend time, make-up and stuff like that …

Edda : We still have other experiences prior to this in the Icelandic metal scene, then the situation has been consolidated.

Haraldur : Sometimes there is a problem, but never anything too high or too worrying.

Gyda : There are people who come to our band because it happened to two women, but also others who do not even listen our music because we are there. We only promote as a band in the feminine, and when we make music with our experience we can entice some other girl to come closer to this world, we are happy.

Edda : Personally, I’d really like to see more women involved in the metal scene and rock Icelandic!

Gyda : Then there is always to remember that everyone has the freedom to think what they think. We make our music and we are interested in relatively little of those who do not appreciate us, we go forward!

Akaah : The style that is presented very convincing, powerful and old school. How, therefore, does a song by Angist ?

Gyda : I Edda and we meet often in a living room, which is more or less the headquarters of the band and we try, we discuss new ideas, arrange new materials. When we try, the whole band is making its contribution and the process develops rather quickly.

Edda : Usually we do neither we rely on particular plans …

Gyda : In fact, in most cases we have a basic idea, but not a project that we must follow to the letter. We do what we feel we can do, we follow what is in our minds and let us be ourselves. We have songs that we changed the main riff at least four times, then you know how difficult we set the stakes of aspects that, once chosen, can not be altered. All too often we change only after lightning had an idea …

Edda : Especially after having played live, often on stage there are so many new ideas!

Akaah : In addition to your unique style, the feature that immediately jumps to the ears of anyone who will listen, even for the first time, is the aggressive and powerful voice of Edda . What kind of path you have followed and training, to be able to achieve such a level and vocal style?

Edda : I think it must first take care of your voice and learn the right technique, especially in the case where there are 2:00 to 3:00 show one after the other. I found a teacher who taught me a lot, both with regard to the use of voice that the techniques to warm up before a performance and has been instrumental. I, then, I also have experience in singing in clean, which I did not help, but the base is always the exercise for me, and done so in a consistent manner.

Akaah : After many years in which you found yourself struggling with several changes of line-up on drums and the difficulties resulting from them, as you are now working with Tumi Gíslason , your present, and finally fixed, drummer?

Gyda : The main problem of our first drummer was that he was a member of three or four groups at the same time … is a typical problem in Iceland, we have so many good drummers, but almost all are engaged at the same time in many different projects music. So he stayed with us for a few months, not even for the time of our first recordings. With the second things do not just work, we never found the right harmony. We are fortunate now to have Tumi , a person is really passionate about his work, is professional and is well in our small group …

Edda : In our small family … sort

Gyda : It has taken us to another level, we can not deny it. He, along with us, he made ??a tour in France as a session and on our return to Iceland immediately became an official member of the group. It is very creative and is just what we needed because, during our concerts, we always wanted to try to convey something, to give our best and with him we succeed, we can trust him, and not worry about anything. It has definitely changed the band.

Akaah : What are, to this day, your plans for the future? Are planning something for the post release of the album such as, for example, a tour?

Gyda : Going on tour would be our dream

Edda : Yes, we really hope to be able to organize some dates in Europe

Gyda : After releasing the album, we hope to organize a concert, so far we have been on tour in France, last April we stayed at Desertfest in England and now will play the Faroe Islands … but it would be really nice to meet new people, play for new and different audiences. In Iceland, the public must always be drunk to really enjoy themselves, while in other countries it is not so, people come early and still have fun without drinking, so we have fun too. So we really hope, both in terms of participation in festivals for a European tour. We will probably make more accurate plans after releasing the album.

Akaah : Our interview now comes to an end. Want to add something?

Gyda : Thank you for the attention you’ve wanted to spend and I urge everyone to listen to our music and know each other better, hoping to one day play in Italy!

This interview was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original interview in Italian click the link below.

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ANGIST “Circle of Suffering” CD EP is now available through Abyss Records. New Full Length album coming to Abyss Records in 2013.

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