DEAD AWAKEN (Sweden) “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red” CD review by Brutiful Metal Radio

DEAD AWAKEN (Sweden) “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red” CD review by Brutiful Metal Radio

By Paul D. Jackson

Dead Awaken hailing from the frigid wasteland of Sweden, the frozen oasis of hatred, offer up another apocalyptic march chocked full of brutal breakdowns and blast beats.

Dead Awaken wastes no time with the blistering opening riff of “Carnivore”, a crushing effort from this Swedish bands’ groove laden crunch fest with drum fills that sound like tanks raining down in a monsoon of hatred. The whirlwind guitars are textbook death metal riffs, nothing fancy, no nerdy technical arpeggios just solid riffage. This band is the meat and potatoes of killer Death Metal you’ve been dying for.

Deutsches Afrika Corpse starts out with a solid frenzy of mish mash time changes and even lower guttural growls than that of Corpsegrinder himself. Jorgen Kristiansen’s vocals although brutal, are rife with a terse melody that couples well in a sanitized harmony with the black metal-esque fury of the single string attack of the guitars. It’s hard to capture growls that are clean but the production really brings the madness together tighter than human skin lampshade, out front vocals and dirty bass fills with consistent atomic clock timed double bass kicks engorge your most basic barbaric instincts.

Venom of the Population is a bit choppy with eight bar starts and stops it’s hard to get the hate train accelerating but after the first chorus, total bludgeoning begins with an aural assault on your eardrums. The kind of timing that makes you instantly fist bang inanimate objects, a little more wizardry with the mid tempo guitar solo slowly working its way up winding back and forth to bring you back into to the fold of manic time changes. Vox aren’t as crisp as Duetsches or Carnivore but it does the job conveying a state of a misanthropic myopic view of the current state of affairs.

State of corrosion shows impressive drumming once again making tactical use of cymbals in innovative ways. State of Corrosion is like watching an unfolding terrorist act on live television, slack jawed and numb, it grabs your balls and won’t let go. Although the chorus “State of Corrosion, State of Corrosion” is a bit digitized mid-song, they really bring it down to a sludgy crunch at the end, akin to a schizophrenic banging his head straight through a concrete wall, they save you with another fast and hard attack ride all the way home.

While “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red” is nothing to write home about, it’s something to enjoy for yourself, a gem of a personal, self loathing introspective, a vending machine of social feeling and discernment. You almost want to keep this one in the archives for yourself, to be the one of the few and proud in the know, jamming whether you’re in the gym, disturbing the neighbors or driving the motorway with seething hatred for your fellow man. Do everyone a favor and pick this up and spread the word.

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