ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Ireland) Interview by

ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Ireland) Interview


By Dave O’Gorman

Dave interviews Praetorian (Guitars, Keys & Vocals) from Irish Black Metal band Eternal Helcaraxe.

How did the band get going, what were you guys looking to achieve?

It started with two friends that just loved early Norwegian Black Metal really, started meeting up and writing and rehearsing and it just gelled well together, that’s about as exciting as it was!

Having known you guys for a while now, I get the impression that you consider everything very carefully before making a move and this appears to have served you well as each live performance is very very tight and also each release has been sick.  I imagine everything that the band does must give you a great sense of achievement as nothing is forced?

Yeah, well there is no point in doing it by half’s. There are already way too many crap bands saturating the whole music scene as it is. Besides, we love the work involved in the band more than the feedback or the egos that seem to be involved with so many other bands that we have to deal with.

What are you trying to achieve sound wise – there is certainly an Irish influence and I get the impression that you are proud Irishmen but again it is not forced.  It is not like here is the metal bit and then there’s a load of tin whistles, it is altogether more subtle than that; again what are you guys looking to achieve?

I’m really not mad into the whole whistle thing to be honest. I think it sounds fucking terrible! No, all the music and lyrics just come together really. It’s never forced or “trying to sound like someone”. Again, there are way too many bands trying to do that at the moment. Once a band starts doing well, it seems like a load of bands go down the same road as them.

Are you pleased with Against All Odds? It is an incredible record.

Thanks. Yeah, really happy with this release and the way in which it was received. The reviews and all that seem to be going well too.

What is next for the band?

We’re heading into the studio in three weeks’ time for record the 7? split with that’s gonna be released through “Elemental Nightmares”! It’s gonna be cool, it’s a vinyl project that will consist of 26 bands with 26 brand new and unreleased tracks, on 13, 7? vinyl’s! When fully collected, the 13 vinyls will form one huge piece of artwork! The splits will be limited to 300 copies and will all include high quality digital downloads of the songs. Check out the link:

We’ll also be Re-releasing ‘To Whatever End’ in this session. For the re-release, we’re re-recording the songs Palest Kingdom, Burning light and The undying lands from our first demo Palest Kingdom as bonus tracks, so hopefully they will come out the way we what them to this time. The songs from To Whatever End, we’re keeping the way they are, I always loved that release.

A lot of people at the moment are also asking for a vinyl pressing of ‘To Whatever End’ and ‘Against All Odds’ on vinyl. So I think once we’ve got through all the things we’re doing at the moment that would be an idea.

Are you guys following Darkthrone in the playing live stakes? Again you guys seem to consider very carefully what gigs you play. I was blown away by your support slot with Negative Plane – it was close to a religious experience that night incredible bands.

Not really we try to pick gigs that we think will suit us musically and actually benefit the band.

How does it work out having brothers in the band? Does it get heated?!?

Haha, Sometime. But it’s always for the better of the band, never personal.  Myself and Tyrith do most of the writing these days and sometime we’re just looking for different thing for some parts of the songs. But we always walk away happy in the end.

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