CHAOSSWORN (Sweden) “Chalice of Black Flames” CD EP review by

CHAOSSWORN (Sweden) “Chalice of Black Flames” CD EP review



Those of you who may have missed out on the Chalice of Black Flames demo that was released earlier this year by the Black/Death Metal act Chaossworn, now is your chance to grab it. This Swedish act originally started out under the name Cryptic Death around 2004, only to release three demos and an EP before changing their name to Chaossworn in late 2009, perhaps as a way to distance themselves further from their Symphonic Black Metal roots. The band’s demo of the same name was recently picked up by Abyss Records, this demo turned domestic retail EP, which was mixed and mastered by none other then Dan Swanö, features the same three songs and offers nothing new to the fan who already owns the demo. However, if you’re new, it offers a little more then fifteen minuteus of well composed metal that will have fans howling along with the recording in pure delight.

The music on this release doesn’t necessarily break from a heavy and sometimes haunting slower pace, but on occassion does seem to speed up here and there throughout the three songs, but not enough to completely throw the flow of the music completely out of whack. “Bringer of Storms”, however, finds the band picking up the speed for a more Black Metal oriented track as opposed to “Crowned & Winged” as well as the title track “Chalice of Black Flames”, both of which seem to have a heavier Death Metal feel that causes the music to move at a slower, more hard hitting pace, while the Black Metal elements set the perfect atmosphere of haunting emptiness. Each track on here flows nicely from start to finish, and from one to another, without getting repetitive, and leaving the listener wanting more.

The production of the album is rather clean and professional as opposed to a more raw sound. This, however, leads the music to wander near the borders of the Symphonic Black Metal territory the band had left behind. The haunting and hollow atmosphere presented on Chalice of Black Flames rings true to many Symphonic Black metal acts such as Emperor, especially during the more slower paced tracks “Crowned & Winged” and “Chalice of Black Flames”. This is not a bad aspect to the release at all, as it only works to enhance the overall ambience being presented that may have been ruined by a more raw production since everything on this release manages to work in full harmony with one another. All of the tracks on this release show great promise from the band to weave grim sounding tracks will lure the listener in like a Siren to the open sea venturer.

Chalice of Black Flames shows impeccable potential from this Black and Death Metal act. With it’s only real downfall being that it’s simply a fifteen minute EP, it does welcome to the new listeners in nicely by introducing the band and what they are capable of without leaving a stone of this new monicker’s soon to be past unturned. Hopefully we’ll see some kind of compilation album featuring the demo tracks and EP under the name Cryptic Death, but what is more important is the future full-length album and the material that will be present. If the band can manage to focus on composing more tracks like those on this EP, and build up off of them more then what is present here, then Chaossworn will be a band to keep a very close eye on. As for the EP, the music here is fantastic, and well worth being tracked down.

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