SINCERA (Norway) “Cursed and Proud” DIGI CD review by

SINCERA (Norway) “Cursed and Proud” DIGI CD review


By Chris

Sincera is a Norwegian export that combines some black metal elements with the rounded edges of thrash and/or death metal to offer Cursed and Proud, an album nine years in the making that seems to be worth the wait if you’re into this type of black thrash with an atmospheric slant. What we have here are four studio tracks, four live entries and one bonus song that attempt to assuage the jaded palate that is this writer’s current affect.

I tend to gravitate towards this style these days much more than I used to due to the oversaturation of silly black metal acts popping up in recent years. When “Tall and Proud” starts off I’m taken into the train of thought that this might turn into some rudimentary and atmospheric jaunt through more cold, blackened wastelands; it was along those lines, but it certainly wasn’t totally rudimentary by any means. The overall voraciousness often associated with the typical black/thrash offering is widely elusive here, which lends more credence to the music as a whole. As “Cursed” shatters the silent interim between tracks you feel a definitive Norwegian black aura throughout and it’s wholly digestible, if not completely original. The vocals are very Norwegian-black in style, and while this is so painfully typical it still manages to work itself into the psyche to a desired plateau. Again, I’m not sure the ardent statistician of black metal would find this too important or desirable, but for some out there who aren’t as particular or versed in such musical ventures it might be just what you’re looking for. Honestly, though, the “Byron Lawless” track could and should have been left on the floor as it really isn’t very interesting and goes nowhere in terms of the rest of the album. It’s a literal add-on that might have been requested to round out time and CD space, and in that case they should tell the label or producer to stick to his appointed duties and leave the track decisions to the band. This track of completely banal design does no service to the band

As for the live tracks, they aren’t exactly good quality, but the essence of the band certainly does come across in the tracks. While the music still might suffer from a production complex throughout, the thickness of the musical foray is quite impressive. I’d say this might even be a better experience for me if the venue’s soundboard had captured these live songs as opposed to what I can only ascertain is a bootleg recording the band acquired from either a fan or a personal attempt. Either way Sincera is decent for your splash of black/thrash/death that isn’t too concerned with reconstructing a mold that has since hardened beyond all recognition and good taste. In short, live is where these guys really shine a black light of hopelessness and despair.

Cursed and Proud defines, in some small way, the best of old-school thrash/traditional heavy metal and the foggy, illustrated visages of the mid-90’s post-necro black sound to create an album that is fun once or twice, but might labor on through any additional visits. It really depends on your personal affinity towards music of this type and just how versed you are in its historical and employable importance.

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