SOUTHWICKED (U.S. / Europe) “Death’s Crown” CD review by Metal Mouth

SOUTHWICKED (U.S. / Europe) “Death’s Crown” CD review

by Metal Mouth

By Freelance Staff

Southwicked started when Allen West (formally a member of Obituary and Six Feet Under) and Marco Vreven  decided to start a new band.

A couple of months later they were working on some songs and recorded a demo tape in the Red Room Studio’s in Ybor City. Rock Rollain (Kult of Thorn) joined the forces and he placed some mighty fine bass lines on the songs. Days before the first gig, they asked Sven Poets from Shattered Skull (BE) to join the forces. He learned everything in 3 days and was accepted as a band member after a successful first show.

The album properly begins with “Deaths Crown” kicking in with all the trademark guitar excellence that you would expect from this power packed super heavyweight band with stunning guitar work, matched by rage infused vocals taking the brutal to the bowels of Hell and back.

“Crawling for Blood” continues with the with a more guttural spoken word theme to it before a Watainesque beat down kicks in and slips the gear stick into mosh mode.

“Killing Spree” follows the same pattern before “The Phantom Prince” kicks straight of into high octane, guitar driven brutality with slamming riffs and slow, measured destructive vocals.

“Graveyard of Bones”, “Charming Karma”, and “Green River Killing Fields“ slow the pace down, slightly placing more emphasis upon the destructive vocals bringing out an almost sinister edge to them.

Bonus track “The Only Living Witness” closes the album of with an early thrash driven Metalica feel to it, before the brutal vocals of Sven Poets take over pushing this bruising song to the next level.

Overall with Death’s Crown, Southwicked have produced one of the most brutally destructive albums of the year.  For a debut album the standards that they have set themselves with this are shockingly high.

Make a note of their name now as Southwicked are going to be huge.

Highlight of the e.p: “The Only Living Witness”

Rating: 8/10

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