SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Apollonian Eyes” CD EP review by

SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Apollonian Eyes” CD EP review


By James

Sweden is a country that has been pumping out a lot of good death metal bands lately. I’m a big fan of the new “old school” death metal sound coming out of this country. Enter Septekh. Septekh is a 4-piece band born in 2008. The band plays a solid mixture of thrash and death metal. Including a 2009 demo, “Apollonian Eyes” is the fourth output from Septekh and the third Ep. The guys have yet to put out a full length. “Apollonian Eyes” features 4 rather short tracks and was released by Abyss Records.

When I first looked at the press kit for  “Apollonian Eyes” my first instinct was to push it aside and move on to the next review submission. This is pretty well all because of the album cover. It’s not very attractive and sort of looks like someone put it together using the classic Windows program “Paint”. Anyway, I decided to give it a try against my better judgment and was pleasantly greeted with some very solid metal.

“Apollonian Eyes” is a very good mix of thrash and death metal. It has decent production and has some pretty catchy riffing and hooks. Unfortunately the Ep does lack a bit of originality and for this reason it does not really stand out all that much. However, the music is high energy and aggressive, especially the mid to high style of the growls which sit loudly perched on top of the mix. The guitars switch between fast paced, tremolo picked thrash riffs to slightly slower, heavier, palm muted death metal grooves. The leads are short but sweet. The drumming seems sort of chaotic at times, thinking of the snare here on the first track “Apollonian Eyes”, though overall keeps a steady barrage of double kicking and blast beats to keep the energy high.

My personal favourite track on the Ep is the second song “Burn it to the Ground” It’s got some great old school death metal grooves and high energy thrash riffs making it catchy as shit. There’s a short part around the 1:40 mark where the music drops out and the bass shines through. It’s been used thousands of times by thousands of bands but I’m a sucker for it and it never gets old for me. Overall though the music is at times a little bland and not all that innovative. Septekh don’t really stray from their technique which is fine for an Ep but would be rather tiresome for a full length.

So “Apollonian Eyes” is a solid listen and if you want catchy, high energy music to get your blood flowing then Septekh will not disappoint.

Rating: 7/10

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