CHAOSSWORN (Sweden) “Chalice of Black Flames” CD EP review by

CHAOSSWORN (Sweden) “Chalice of Black Flames” CD EP review


By Aske

Chaossworn has been formed in 2004, in Sweden by Anton Johansson, singer and rhythmic guitar and Niklas Pelli on a Drum, then completed by Andreas Pelli in the bass guitar and Janne Posti in the guitar, the group realizes two demos Enthropic Human Nature in 2005 then Whores of Mankind in 2008. An entitled MCD Black Earth Funeral will follow closely, at the beginning of year 2009. That we say it to ourselves, Chalice Of Black Flames banks of entrance on the quality and not on the quantity. It is here about an EP consisted of three titles masterised by the famous Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Opeth, Dissection, Marduk) in his Swedish studio ( Unisound). Sweden besides its charms which we all know (I think naturally of the natural environment, ,lakes, forests, you will have understood) is used to producing a lot of metal band, but, which have, seems to me t-il, the defect of their quality, that to propose a clear and massive sound, with walls of guitar in reinforced concrete! let us not tell of story, it is not of it question of which it is at Chaossworn. First of all, a first piece ” Crowned and Winged ” which opens the hostilities by delivering rhythmic one solid, lively but without the other claim than to make stamp. The band is supported by melodic guitars which progress towards bridges and tunes entêtants, glaucous, sometimes complex, with a very collected sound, close to the first ones Opeth. In brief an organic aspect, which is not without displeasing your servant. The tunes are there, the pieces have all, without exception, this fantastic potential for the stage, in live. The second title much more black “Bringer Of Storms” sends blasts and lightning round trips to the Swedish vein. We definitively want to go up the sound completely and to start a pogo (it’s a pity, the neighbor does not agree !). The sound of guitars is very personal, always worried, overloaded with the melody. The third and last eponymic title “Chalice Of Black Flames” the slowest and the most complex, offers, in my opinion, the most personal side of the group, dense furious and federated by furious shouts. Guitars burst out definitively and the lines of drum, saccadent as the piece progresses. We are completely crushed by these riffs, very easily memory, which gives excellent punches to the listener. Thus here is an excellent EP to get itself immediately, by hoping that the group proposes concerts to make us drink in his “Chalice”.

Rating: 9/10

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