ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Ireland) “Against All Odds” CD review by

ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Ireland) “Against All Odds” CD review



“Against All Odds” is the first full length and latest release of this Irish Black Metal quartet, which after a couple of years of silence following their excellent EP debut “To Whatever End” (self-released in 2010) finally reappears and unleashes eight new tracks of high quality Epic Black Metal… This album continues what was shown in the band’s previous EP “To Whatever End”, that is to say, traditional mid paced Black Metal structures, combined with some intense and somewhat tragic melodic traces complemented by epic keyboard atmospheres, which results in a highly effective proposal, as it was demonstrated on “To Whatever End”… Besides of all the elements we already heard on the band previous effort, “Against All Odds” seems to feature a harsher and obscurer Black Metal sound, which is reflected at this album’s corrosive blasting passages, heavily contrasting with the subtle melodic elements that creates the overall epic aura of this record, just listen to crushing tracks such “We Assist Death” and “Shadows Of The Wolf”, these tracks perfectly reflect the outstanding conjugation between traditional Black Metal obscurity and epic melodies Eternal Helcaraxe  creates at this album.  The production here is completely powerful and clear sounding, while the mixing is balanced and just as immaculate as the production and the whole musical execution requires. Overall “Against All Odds” is an incredibly solid album, those who listened to the band’s previous release will be certainly pleased to see how the band has expanded its proposal in an obscurer direction maintaining their characteristic epic atmosphere and melodic sound… Anyone into the epic Black Metal sound, especially those who enjoy the sound of pioneers of the genre such Immortal, early Enslaved and of course Bathory, should definitely take a listened to this album, “Against All Odds” is a magnificent, obscure and powerful piece of Black Metal completely worthy of attention.

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