DEAD AWAKEN (Sweden) “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red” CD review by

DEAD AWAKEN (Sweden) “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red” CD review by

By George “Kelenmar” Vassiliadis

Good Death Metal debut Dead Awaken Swedes who play old classic Death Metal cutting, reminding pretty style scene of Stockholm with some minimal modernism and little Thrashy feeling in some cases, but the band is not only that. The very good thing here is that the band draws influence from bands which ultimately alloy as it sounds, it seems quite interesting and a bit original (the original course can be heard today in the year 2013, when a band influences homogenized so much and all look the same … Anyway to detail shown here is a little difference). Specifically here we will hear MAIN Vomitory, Suffocation, Deicide, Behemoth and less Morbid Angel and Grave. Certainly any hope for something really grand off abruptly as synthetics do not have the transcendence and the pieces are a little flat, keeping a dignity and starting a respectable percentage dynamism than outside. Perhaps, and most likely, this apparent lack of power be due to the somewhat not so bulky but instead somewhat more treble. Technically the band seems to be complete and very easy to pass the floor from one instrument to another and everything sounds pretty clean (no matter that surely there is room for improvement in sound). In particular there are some pieces that stand out. In most riff tracks the band seems to have much better (Sweds being Sweds) and specifically in “Deutsches Afrika Corspes”, “Manic Destruction” and “State of Corrosion” while most Blackizon “Venom of the Population” I believe is the best disc, which in pick lead within fractions has become Deicidiko epic. Finally, a striking theme of influences and ideas mating experience but which in practice is just good. Definitely ticked by most fans of as it has moments that deserve it.

rating: 7/10

This review was originally written in Greek and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Greek click the link below.

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