SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Apollonian Eyes” CD EP review by New Noise Magazine

SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Apollonian Eyes” CD EP review

by New Noise Magazine

By Eric May

Septekh’s second EP offers even more potential than their first, which says a lot because I’ve considered these guys a major band to watch for quite a while now. Apollonian Eyes seems like a mere warm-up for a future album that’s going to no doubt revolutionize the entire spectrum of the death/thrash scene, despite the band’s odd getup which might bring you disbelief about the statement I’ve just made. But we must keep in mind that image does not make a band, talent does; which is what these gentlemen have offered with just these four tracks – loads of talent. The riffs are unconventional, yet contain a bit of Norwegian frost; and the drums sound like they’re about to burst into flames more than half the time. This is the kind of thing that one expects from the genre and in less than twenty minutes, Septekh deliver it on a silver platter. These guys seriously do not give even one hint of a fuck when it comes to unleashing their fury and with lyrics of such an unprecedented nature, you’ve not only got a beast that’s run rampant, but the remnants of a ravaged cage scattered about where it clawed its way to realms unparalleled in metal music. Whether it’s the uncompromising thrash of the title track “Apollonian Eyes” or the fact that you’ve still got the lyric “Vlad Tepes was my bitch” stuck in your head an hour later from the disc’s closer “Vlad Tepes”, you know that you’ve just heard a memorable act in Septekh. This band just keeps getting better and I highly await the band’s next release after this miniature masterpiece. Oh, and Vlad Tepes was my bitch too.

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