TORTURE DIVISION (Sweden) “Evighetens Dårar” DIGI CD review by

TORTURE DIVISION (Sweden) “Evighetens Dårar” DIGI CD review


By Supercastor

Formed by Jörgen Sandström (former Entombed or Grave), Lord K Philipson from God Among Insects or Dark Funeral and Tobias Gustafsson from Vomitory or God Among Insects, Torture Division is a Swedish band who already makes our mouth water when we see its line-up. But is it only one all star bands with no real taste like many others or is it a real band tearing ours ears apart?

Straight from the beginning of this Evighetens Dårar, you’ll have no other choice than choose the second option. Mixed by Dan Swano, this opus is all about Sweden and its unique death metal sound. Well, when I say opus, it’s more of a compilation. The band decided indeed to get its three last demos under one and only compilation. Whether on groovier songs like “Ravishing Rampage Sluts” or on beastly songs like “The Axe Murderer” (9 seconds and it’s over!), Torture Division shows talent and mastery up to what we could expect from such a line-up. Even if we could regret the rather short length, Evighetens Dårar is a Swedish metal album like we love: aggressive, beastly, straight-forward, oppressive but with a melodic touch here and there, more “exotic” elements like the Swedish lyrics on the eponymous song. But Torture Division’s metal is also live-made: songs and riffs are as sharp-cut as possible with lots of breaks, pauses, blastbeats, midtempos which must perfectly recreate all this profusion of energy throughout the album.

One all star band which does not content itself with the names of its members in order to exist and which decides to work had so the band will be recognized for the quality of its metal and not for its member? That’s what Torture Division is about. Let’s hope this effort will continue for long and maybe we’ll get a new album soon? I steadfastly wait for it !

Rating: 8.5/10

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