DEAD AWAKEN (Sweden) “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red” CD review by

DEAD AWAKEN (Sweden) “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red” CD review by

By Jordy

Dead Awaken is a Swedish Death Metal band that surprisingly been around for a while in the scene. The band rushed into the Death Metal world in the year 2002. The only band member that currently still falls short of this early period is the singer and guitarist Jörgen Kirstensen. As some great bands from the seventies and eighties, the famous Guns N ‘Roses , the band knew many changes in terms of members making their debut album still failed to materialize. However, the Holy Trinity that the band today raises to a higher level than ever before was only created in 2010, following the departure of Bass guitarist Andreas “Fluff” Moors.

Anno 2013 the band consists of three former members of the band ABHOTH, a Death Metal band from the 90s’. As lead singer is still Jörgen Kirstensen, on drums and Mats Blückert as bass guitarist Magnus Wall. Together, these three men spent an entire time in the studio and released in April, sending the world a few demos their first album with dark title “Where hope turns dripping red”.

This album combines old ABHOTH influences with pure Death Metal and a hint of Trash Music, an ideal combo for any metal fan. The album contains some gems including the intro song ” Carnivore “that’ll blow your mind from the first riff. Throughout the album you are sucked into a trance in which your blood begins to boil and you can not help but enjoy the pure ecstasy that the music you provide. Sung is not very much, as in most Death Metal albums, but that’s just the strength of songs like ” Envy the Dead “that take you into drum beats that make you accelerate heartbeat and where gescream only but serves as a bonus. In short, a band that definitely needs to be further monitored and that still will return to the scene often.

This review was originally written in Dutch and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Dutch click the link below.

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