SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Apollonian Eyes” CD EP review by

SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Apollonian Eyes” CD EP review


By Sicktus

Septekh is back with another One Of Those block rockin ‘beats! Woohoo! – In 2012 was ‘The Seth Avalanche’: ( buy that album!: my first encounter with the Swedish Septekh. On an earlier demo after – download at their website – it was also the first release of this close-knit quartet. “Apollonian Eyes’ is the second release, again via Abyss Records and what is immediately striking is that the band slightly less catchy, which aggressive and especially more thrashy sound. However, the key words raw, primitive, pure and passionate are still applicable and ‘less catchy does not mean that men do not produce still pretty catchy songs, vreescht not, it’s all a bit more aggressive and less groovy, but still plenty of catchy. Besides the already mentioned last time influences Motörhead, Gehennah and Witchery, I hear a hefty dose of The Crown on ‘Apollonian Eyes’ and NWOBHM influences – like the thrash – increased. This is reflected in the song structures, building and solos that a huge NWOBHM feel and drive it. Despite the raw energy and ‘catchy chaos’, sounds Septekh same time very precisely balanced by the strong song structures, occasionally almost symmetrical. And looks can be deceiving, because a seemingly simpler, Rechtoe-forward song like ‘Vlad Tepes’ example contains much more epic layers and details you play pick up after one ring. Whether belt out the lyrics during the first playback turn is a tad less, that also because the previously all intelligent lyrics and vocals on “Apollonian Eyes’ still be a lot more sophisticated. This is done as said something at the expense of instant recognition and of catchy, but adds in the long run only to quality and durability. Fifteen minutes ‘Apollonian Eyes’ with booklet in lap makes me incidentally an hour Wikipedia by click-roam, always nice to be to look for (re-) knowledge and information, stimulated by a band right? So I remain excited about Septekh? Certainly. The men rock as the best, the vocals of Nils Meseke are more varied and more convincing than 98% of his colleagues in the death thrash and energy, quality and enthusiasm of the strings & sheets brigade splash out of the speakers. However, what about ‘The Seth Avalanche’ said that the six songs and 22 minutes of music were far too little here, a recurring point of criticism … Four songs with a playing time of a quarter is of course he-le-fold too little to make! Satisfy the enthusiast If Septekh promises Agathocles of dirty thrashy death metal to become and continue to deliver what you say you against a continuous stream of releases you will not hear me complain, but otherwise it’s really high time to you in your cabin on Swedish to close and not come out for a full album on tape is, men! Spotify hipsters can here: listen to the full EP, old school collectors a hardcopy want in your home can here: lap up the various foods that Septekh and Abyss Records have prepared for you. If you are indeed a clock radio with CD player, then it is ‘Apollonian Eyes’ also excellent to use as a means to make your girlfriend., Cat and neighbors in one fell swoop it up

This review was originally written in Dutch and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Dutch click the link below.

Rating: 88/100

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