ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) “Rock ‘n’ Rott” CD review by

ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) “Rock ‘n’ Rott” CD review


By George “Kelenmar” Vassiliadis

Mildly moderate Death ‘n’ Roll (and good) from Finland. The only real point of course Death every so are the growling vocals and music nothing else. Otherwise, tsalapatontas in the footsteps of ‘Wolverine Blues’, the ‘Rock’ n ‘Rott’ is a weird and totally simplistic, almost minimalist, amalgam of Metallica, Motorhead, AC / DC, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Clutch and Entombed with special orientation in most Southern paths while the pieces to have a certain aesthetic Horror not perceived both very musical but (although ultimately quite funny and aptly) using different samples and corresponding lyrics. Also two out of three pieces have not even solo and evil is that what they have is very good … so I really do not know what I was thinking. Intensity generally minimal as the pieces are not only purely Blues – Southern phase (and not at its best), with a little Metal coating, but most are loose, mid-tempo. Still have written a heap of good heavy riffares here. There are also exceptions to point as in bit parts well enough ‘For Better For Worse’ and ‘Take a Whiskey’, or perhaps in the best disc completely Motorhead ‘Dead End’. However, this does not cease to be, although the debut of the band and the other in the final, the band manages to sound just like so of course leaving room for more vivid, homogeneous compositions. So anyone who wants to hear something totally simple and pleasant and withstands heavy vocals every so often we rush to check.

This review was originally written in Greek and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Greek click the link below.

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