SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Apollonian Eyes” CD EP review by The Grim Tower

SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Apollonian Eyes” CD EP review

by The Grim Tower

By Eric May

Fuck yeah. That’s all I have to say about his one. (Well, not all I have to say about this one, but you get my point.) Septekh has come out with another fucking great death/thrash EP, but I’m still waiting for that LP release that’s going to wipe the floor with 9/10 of the death/thrash scene, of that I’m completely sure. Not only do these guys have the oddest fucking image I’ve seen in metal, (get a look at their vocalist’s awesome beard and three-piece suit) but they absolutely fucking kill with each and every one of these three songs. With the harshness of black metal and some unconventional riffing, not to mention drums that sound like they’re on fire half the time; these guys could be one of those bands that everyone starts talking about in record time.

Seriously, by the time we got to “Cursing The Skies 3:18” I was fucking floored. That means I already enjoyed the bizarre lyrics (but they’re fucking unique) and “we don’t give a fuck” style thrash of title track “Apollonian Eyes 3:48”, the no holds barred sensibilities of “Burn It To The Ground 3:09” which needs no explanation and the closer, “Vlad Tepes 5:45” which is bursting through the roof with promise. The black metal influenced grooves of this oddly interesting song (I have no idea who they’re referring to, but they want you to know that Vlad Tepes was their bitch.) Damn, what a fucking song.

If this guys come out with a full length next year, the name Septekh might very well be on damn near every tongue in the metal community. It is bands like this, that no one ever expects and do their own thing; that become noticed.

God I fucking love this.

Highlights: All (4 Tracks, 16:00)

Rating: 10/10

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