ERUPTED (Sweden) “In the Grip of Chaos” CD review by

ERUPTED (Sweden) “In the Grip of Chaos” CD review


By Beowolf Productions

It seems like Sweden is having another big resurgence of bands emerging from the area and ERUPTED is one of those bands. These guys started back in 2010 after three of the members from the band BEYOND HELL decided to start fresh. These guys play a mixture of old school brutal Death Metal with some new school Progressive Death Metal touches. “IN THE GRIP OF CHAOS” is the bands first full length release. Some of the songs on this album did appear on the bands demo releases “FACES OF DEATH”. The music is done in a raw aggressive almost American Mid West style of Death Metal that was pretty dominate in the mid to late 90’s. The music itself is crunchy, gritty and pure Death Metal that reminds me of early JUNGLE ROT, CORPSE VOMIT & TON. I was a little surprised, since these guys hail from Sweden. There are some slight touches of Thrash Metal present, but only in some of the grooved out guitar arrangements. Daniel Ocic Sundberg’s vocals are done in low ended thick and groggy Death Metal style, some what in the vein of old FLESHGRIND & SCATTERED REMNANTS. If your an older Death Metal fan who has been in the scene for awhile like myself, then your gonna love these guys, cause they take you back to the early days of Death Metal. One killer release that brings back a lot of memories of early Death Metal and doing a lot of tape trading with underground bands. Check these guys out and hopefully they will have some new material out soon, cause I am anxiously waiting!

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