BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review by

BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review


By Old Disgruntled Bastard

One of the things that made Dissection so special, apart from overwhelming emotional resonance and almost genius-level songwriting, was that they straddled genres with the skill of an acrobat. While the feelings they evoked were trenchantly cold and sorrowful, keeping in line with conventional black metal, their approach to riffing and assembling a song owed far more to thrash and death metal. Recently, German band Thulcandra did this with equal elan, albeit little originality. Bane are a three-piece from Serbia that acknowledge their obvious inheritance, but fare better in establishing a more unique identity.

Bane aren’t afraid of using orchestral arrangements to create a grandiose atmosphere. Tastefully understated string and wind instruments pepper the band’s second album ‘The Acausal Fire’, sometimes interspersed with pagan, heroic-sounding hymns to old Gods that have more in common with Viking metal than Dissection. There are moments of subdued contemplation such as ‘Entering the Paradoxical Sphere‘ – not dissimilar to Summoning‘s ambient work on their Rings-inspired masterpieces – this is a beautiful composition, devoid of all distortion but breathtaking, almost cinematic, in its ambition and execution. Elsewhere, there are uplifting segments (‘As Chaos Rises’, ‘Light The Black Light’)  appealing to the noble spirit within all life, almost always cruelly suppressed but on rare occasions capable of taking glorious flight.

Bane also have a more pronounced death metal edge; their cover of Dissection‘s ‘Night’s Blood’ is hands down one of the most violent renditions of the great band’s material. The music feels percussively intense, an aspect that serves to differentiate it from its hallowed forebear, making it “less black” yet more single-minded in intent. (As a random aside,  you wouldn’t be mistaken to find parallels in Anata‘s peculiar style of riffing on first hearing ‘Light The Black Light’.)

Really, Bane do very little wrong here. A wide variety of vocals are employed –  choirs, layered grunts and rasps. The drumming is invigorating, the guitars are dexterous and dripping with melody. Above all, the band showcases that rarest of indescribables – soul. One hopes they continue moving further away from being just a homage band; in all fairness, they’re doing enough even now to refute that tag. But they’re obviously capable of much more.

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