SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Apollonian Eyes” CD EP review by

SEPTEKH (Sweden) “Apollonian Eyes” CD EP review


By Chris Dahlberg

Last year Septekh put out The Seth Avalanche, which was a re-recorded version of their 2009 EP. While the release showcased potential it didn’t quite have enough staying power, and its combination of thrash and death ‘n roll left me wondering where the band would head next. Fast forward to this year and the band has prepared a new four song EP entitled Apollonian Eyes and their emphasis seems to now be placed on a more violent, aggressive sound while still offering the occasional groove. It still isn’t quite a must listen, but Septekh is clearly on the right track and has taken some further steps forward with this release.

From what I remember of The Seth Avalanche, the instrumentals had a mix of mid tempo thrash and death ‘n roll/hard rock with the occasional fast paced thrash assault. Apollonian Eyes immediately makes it clear that these guys have upped the intensity level, as the EP opens with some extremely fast paced riffs that have an old-school thrash feel. Three of the four tracks follow this pattern and it seems to work quite well as the instrumentals are able to transition from quick bursts of blasting into fast paced grooves while keeping the energy level at a high. While I didn’t dislike their earlier sound, this more aggressive version of Septekh stands out more and the riffs seem to have gotten a bit more complex than before. On the final track “Vlad Tepes” the instrumentalists switch things up and go for a slower tempo, and during this track the guitar tonality takes on a melodic pitch that has a bit of a black metal feel. This number is the longest and showcases that the group seems to be experimenting a bit outside of the traditional thrash and rock ‘n roll templates, which should help give them more variation moving forward.

Vocalist Nils Meseke has a distorted scream that strikes a nice middle ground between high and low pitches, and his performance seems to have gotten even more intense as the band has sped things up. What’s interesting about Meseke’s vocals is that he seems to hit the highest pitches during the slower moments, and his delivery style takes on more of a storytelling feel during “Vlad Tepes” which gives that particular track a very different feel than the rest of the EP. I’m not quite sure what it is about the performance on Apollonian Eyes that made a difference, but despite the fact that the style remains similar to The Seth Avalanche there’s just something about the intensity/energy level that makes the vocals stand out much more.

Apollonian Eyes does have a few sections that sound a bit too similar, but their new approach towards faster, aggressive thrash tracks and slower segments that pull from some additional stylistic elements seems to be working in their favor. I feel like this EP showcases a slightly different side of the band when compared to The Seth Avalanche, and hopefully when the band puts out a full length they can pull all of these elements together into a strong package. For now though, Apollonian Eyes has some blistering riffs that should please thrash fans and it’s a sign that this group has already grown quite a bit.

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