SEPTEKH (Sweden) Interview by Agathokakological Webzine

SEPTEKH (Sweden) Interview

by Agathokakological Webzine

By agathokakological666

1. Hello and who is this from Septekh?

Hello. This is Staffan Persson, the drummer of Septekh

2. The band formed in 2008 could you please give us a BRIEF  history?

Started rehearsing late 2008. Recorded a demo during the early months of 2009. In the summer of that year Michael Jackson passed and we recorded the Seth Avalanche EP. Went on to record Apollonian Eyes in the begining of 2010 (a year after the the demo was done). Around this time we also moved our base of operations to the Dark Island south of Stockholm.

Holed up in the comfy refuge of Studio 508 we started to turn our attention to brewing and honing are song writing skills even more. This was the start of a long and perilous journey that would culminate in the recording of our full length album in the summer of 2012. Except for these milestones gigs have been played, injuries sustained and a lot more. But you can read about all that in the book…

3. Tell us about some shows and gigs you guys have done, have you played any festivals worth mentioning?

One of the more memorable recent gigs must be the one we did out at the sea on the Rock Bitch Boat last year. It was good show and the presence of members from both Grabenkämpfer STHLM and Visby made it an even more memorable occasion. It’s not everyday you get to play a show with zombies trying to get and all kinds of other freaks out in the audience. Great night!

4. I see you are about to release your second EP on Abyss Records, are there any plans for a full length in the near future?

Oh Yes Indeed! We recorded a full length in the summer and are at last finalizing the mix at the moment. It will contain 13 tracks and bears the fruit of what we have been working on since recording this last EP back in the spring of 2010.

5. What are your lyrical concepts, do you stick to kind of the same themes?

Yes we do. There is a thread running through most of the lyrics and they share some DNA. Having said that I think it’s not what is said in the lyrics that makes them great but how it is said. Nils has has a nice way of being able to be blatantly blunt but at the same time also veer out in a more abstract and poetic way. They invite you to their own world and that is what good lyrics (and music) should do according to me.

6. Tell us about the recording of your latest album.

The EP “Apollonian Eyes” that we are releasing right now was actually recorded back in March 2010. It was recorded at same studio as “The Seth Avalanche” here in Stockholm.

For the coming full length we went to Silence Studios in the deep woods of Värmland (in utmost west of Sweden). It’s a much larger studio and we where able to record all of us playing together live. A lot of great bands have recorded there and it was the perfect place for us to do the record.

7. I saw a video you guys made for the track “Shoot Them All” from your debut EP, it was interesting to say the least, can we expect something like this for the new album?

Yes you can. Well, in fact you really can’t because the new video will be so awesome that it is hard for even me to grasp it. Those are some big words but we are very proud of and amazed by our latest cinematic piece and I am sure that others will be too. There will be zombies, fighting and blazes amongst other things in it. No cross dressing this time. At least not by any of the band members…

8. Who is in the line up now?

Same as always: Me on drums, David Wikström on guitar, Patrik Ström on bass and Nils Meseke on vocals. No more, no less.

9. What can people expect when the go to a Septekh show? Do you have any shows coming up that you would like to mention?

A slithering groovy sonic stampede! We play better live than on record because of the time that has passed since the recordings. Mix that with the energy of the audience and you are usually in for a quite raucous but still beautiful evening. That’s what we are about; ugliness and elegance. And Mustaches and all around well groomed facial hair i guess.

10. Thanks for the interview, any closing words thoughts, information on contacting the band or where to get your merchandise.

Thank you! KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THE VIDEO FOR “BURN IT TO THE GROUND” It will destroy!!! Enjoy the new EP and prepare for the full length! Merch can be found at Abyss Records store.

Please join us on for latest updates

Thanks for support! The Plan remains alive!

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