CHAOSSWORN (Sweden) “Chalice of Black Flames” CD EP review by

CHAOSSWORN (Sweden) “Chalice of Black Flames” CD EP review


By Andrew Doherty

This EP is one of a number of current releases from Abyss Records. Chaossworn, whose current or previous name of Cryptic Death I didn’t know, are from Sweden. Blackened Death Metal is their style. An impressive credential is the involvement of Dan Swano, who mastered this work and whose familiar influence on Swedish Metal is apparent here. But let’s give the band some credit. Each track on this EP is the creative fusion of many dark elements. “Crowned and Winged” starts with the thumping march that you’d associate with Amon Amarth. With it there are twisty modern-style Black Metal guitar interludes. There’s a good dose of Death Metal but it’s also melodic and quite catchy too. As you may gather, there’s a lot going on here. There’s a constant change of movement and mood, but it’s all impressively dark and well played. “Crowned and Winged” returns to the march. The drum sets the tempo, the guitar changes the mood and the vocalist breathes fire throughout. Altogether this works well. “Bringer of Storms” takes a different angle. Fury and anger resound as the drums are battered purposefully and ominously, while the guitar works up and down and vocalist growls gruesomely. Towards the end, it slows down and ends on a suitable note of death, leading as it does into the title track. Here a different kind of march is played. It’s uncompromising and brutal but not without its attraction. The vocalist growls to the rancid rhythm. In common with the previous tracks, a break is used to signal a movement into another sphere. This time we enter a Death Metal wonderland. It’s technical as much of the guitar work is but it never lacks movement. The message which seems to come from the guitar as the track closes is that everyone has died but it’s not morbid. It’s more majestic than and reinforces the notion of death. “Chalice of Black Flames” is another good track and a prime example of old-school Swedish Melodic Death Metal. “Chalice of Black Flames” as an EP has three good tracks which are as dark as hell, great to listen to and full of technical skill. It’s just a shame there wasn’t more than the 15 minutes that we had here.

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