DEAD AWAKEN (Sweden) Interview by Agathokakological Webzine

DEAD AWAKEN (Sweden) Interview

by Agathokakological Webzine

By Agathokakological Webzine

1. Hello and who is this from Dead Awaken?


This is Jörgen, guitarist and vocalist of Dead Awaken.

2. The band formed in 2002 could you please give us a BRIEF  history?

If we avoid all the personell change stories….

The band started out as a 5 piece,playing thrash with death influences.

With time, our style evolved more and more towards death metal.

Through several line up changes we’ve changed from a 5 piece, to a 4 piece to a 3 piece.

Back to being a 4 piece and back to 3 again.

We’ve stuck with being a 3 piece with me as the single guitarist and vocalist,

Mats “Masse” Blückert on drums and a couple of session bass players, that we alternate between.

We signed to Abyss records and are currently awaiting the release of our debut album and a local gig to celebrate the album release.

3. Tell us about some shows and gigs you guys have done, do you get out on the road much or do you mostly play local shows?

Unfortunately, mostly local shows.

No gigs abroad yet, but we hope that will change.

We’ve done cool shows with several great and bigger bands, like Entombed, Vomitory, Behemoth and Aborted.

4. I see you are about to release your debut album but you have been a band since 2002. I have to say that sticking with something so long shows a great deal of dedication and patience. Tell the readers a little about how you have kept the band going for all this time and how it feels now to finally get an official release out.

I’m just a stubborn bastard, I guess.

Quitting really never was an option.

I think it’s important to remain true to yourselves.

Be honest in the music you write and you encrease your chances to last.

Feels great to finally release an album!

5. What are your lyrical concepts, do you stick to kind of the same themes?

From day one, it was war.

As I write all the lyrics these days, I feel ther’s time for a bit of a change.

After all, a few of my fave bands focus on war as a theme.

Out of respect for bands like Bolt Thrower, Vomitory and Hail of bullets,

It’s time to take a step away from the subject.

Current lyrical topics deal with the dark sides of the mind.

Grief, psychosis, fear, etc.

Very interesting to dig into the human mind.

6. Tell us about the recording of your debut album.

It was recorded by our friend Dennis, who’s the guitarist in a band called Seventribe.

He built a small studio where the band practises, a comfortable environment for us to work in.

It kept me busy for a while, as I played everything but drums.

7. Although you haven’t had an official release until now, I see that you released a handful of demos over the years, are any of these titles available to purchase anywhere? Is any of the material from the demos used on the new album?

Most of the songs on the album are originally on old demo’s.

The demo material is not really available, I have them laying around somewhere.

We focus more on the future.

8. Who is in the line up now?

Ooops, seems like I answered that in question #2! XD

Me on guitar and vocals.

Mats Blückert on drums.

A couple of session bass player,who jump in when needed.( Magnus Wall/ Jonas Stålhammar)

9. What can people expect when the go to a Dead Awaken show? Do you have any shows coming up that you would like to mention?

Intensity. We’re very focused.

We have a lot of fun performing live and that shows.

We’re dead serious about our music, but a big smile behind the mike is not unusual.

10. Thank you for the interview, any closing words thoughts, information on contacting the band or where to get your merchandise.

Please check our music out, buy the cd!

Keep supporting extreme music.

We don’t currently have a webstore, so the best way to get our merch is at our shows.

New tshirts are currently on the way.

Contact us at  and we’ll get you he merch.


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DEAD AWAKEN’s debut album “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red” coming to Abyss Records April 1, 2013.

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To purchase DEAD AWAKEN “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red” CD go to:


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