ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) “Rock ‘n’ Rott” CD review by Heavy Metal Tribune

ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) “Rock ‘n’ Rott” CD review

by Heavy Metal Tribune

By Hong Rui

Every once in awhile surprises spring forth in the often overly serious metal circle, poking fun at and parodying the aesthetics and attitudes that are prevalent within the genre. Finland’s Rocking Corpses, evidently, is one such band, with their over the top emphasis on themes of gore and horror in their music on their debut full length album, Rock N’ Rott. The listener is greeted with a haunting sound sample on opening track Into the Grave, and the horror theme that the band has put in their music is immediately evident. And as the introductory track fades into the first proper track Up from the Grave, one is smouldered by the thick and heavy groovy riffs of Tony, while a contrasting standard rock-beat is played at the background on the drums, and the unique musical approach of Rocking Corpses is now clearly heard. For example, there is the vocal style of the band, with verses that are growled out in a typical death metal fashion while choruses are often catchy and sung out in clean vocals. There is also the lead guitar playing style of Tony, often displaying a very blues-rock influence, and this definitely gives Rocking Corpses a fresh sound compared to their other death metal peers. Throughout the album, the wide range of influences that the band has put into their music are explored, and these often not only test the band’s ability as musicians, but also as songwriters as well as they attempt to fuse elements from genres not related to death metal into their basic foundation of death metal and blues-inspired rock and roll. For example, Necropolis contains sections that are pure hard rock that are placed between heavy death metal segments, and For Better for Worse even includes an intense, almost thrash metal-sounding intro segment. Fortunately, for the most part, the band manages to do so in a way that does not sound awkward or affect the entertainment quality of their music. The themes of gore that the band glorifies in their music is also upheld with moments such as on Life for a Life with the sound samples at the background, sounding like a mindless zombie feasting on what’s left of a corpse. Unfortunately, it is also this inclusion of the diverse range of influences that is the downfall of Rocking Corpses. While the idea of including elements from various rock and metal subgenres could be a good idea, there are moments on the album where potentially brilliant ideas are not fully explored with the band’s obsession with including as many influences as possible, or the sudden switching of style just as things start to sound good. 925 even sounds like a standard, uninspired, radio-friendly hard rock song and does not fully display the talent that the duo have, and would easily put off metal purists. That said though, despite its debatable genre classification, Rocking Corpses‘ Rock N’ Rott is an extremely fun album to listen to – not only because of their gore themes, but the fun attitude of the band towards their music is easily heard on the album. The music here is catchy as hell, and as the album progresses, one can’t help but find himself humming along to the tunes.

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