The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review by

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review


By James Mezzano

36 minutes of dark death metal slow-time, semi-acoustic with flashes of great intensity. Can be summarized as It All Fades , album number two Swedes The Gardnerz , published in 2012 by the label Abyss Records .

Music that has the important quality to immerse the listener in a sort of parallel universe (perfectly portrayed in my imagination within the bell’artwork that surrounds the album), especially thanks to its almost progressive rock interludes and very original for this kind of music. For the rest, between high (the opening track Do not Look Back ) and low (the cover of Darkthrone in Transilvanian Hunger  is not bad but it seems a remake of ‘Dust in the Wind’ of Kansas), the blade runs very well but, paradoxically, continues to fascinate with its more acoustic moments with outbursts that death / doom, which still look pretty ordinary. Browse around the frequent presence of a female voice, which plots the disk almost Gothic. Overall the band has no major demerits, and level of technique looks good of course, but perhaps still a need for more work on the songwriting, which ranges between steps really super and others a little ‘subdued. The growl of Niclas Ankarbranth is awestruck, absolutely scathing and fierce, but loses intensity in the most” sung” and less screaming. Beautiful sound of guitars Wilhelm Lindh , gifted musician who sports a rather inspired riffing and handsome, and talented drummer Vedran Bencic to manage the constant changes of time that this music requires. Finally, praise their bassist Francisco Martín , who manages to raise a good wall of sound and depth to give an important passages doom of this publication. But the feeling is that, despite the average success of It All Fades , The Gardnerz can really do even more ..

Rating: 75/100

This review was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Italian click the link below.

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