RADIATION SICKNESS (U.S.) Interview by www.metalmaniacs.com


by www.metalmaniacs.com

By Mike Abominator

Radiation Sickness is one of those bands that started off with a boom and then DISAPPEARED off the face of the earth. But they came back recently and have started to make some noise again. They were all over the underground back in the day. It seemed like every fanzine I got or every piece of mail I received had some sort of Radiation Sickness ad/flyer in it. Their demos and EPs are total underground classics. It’s killer to have this band back. I had to track down Doug Palmer, the singer of this band of lunatics, and see what they are up to! READ ON FREAKS!

1. Hails Doug ya maniac, thanks for doing this interview. How are things over in Indy land and Rad Sickness world? What are you lunatics up to?

DOUG: Mike,  just  living  the dream.  Back  in the metal  scene after 16 years locked  up in minivan hell  jail.  Putting  out some new re-leases, playing  some gigs.  Doing  interviews for  a heathen like yourself.

2. Radiation Sickness was formed back in 1987, while the old tape trading, fanzine era was in full force. How did you guys all get together?

DOUG: Drugs, booze  and  sick music.  I  met  Ryan somewhere  he  had  a  SOD  shirt on, me  a  Bathory.  It was metal hell  love at  first site. To bad the fucker  had  to  kill  himself  a  year or so later. RIP  Ryan.  Just a bunch of  kids into the underground  extreme music  scene.  Nothing less nothing more with nothing to do.

3. There were a couple of demos put out in 1988 and 1989, tell me about this time. Were you guys able to get those out to the worldwide underground? And how was the response?

DOUG: We  spent  a lot of  time  promoting  the  second  demo “Elvis ain’t  dead”.  The  first  demo sounded too poor  to  push (Man  the  way  Mark  Murray  made the first demo sound on  The  Madness Begins  87-90” is unreal).  It  got all  over  the  world. All of our  visits to  the  post  office, tape  trading hard work  back  then. Any response  was  a  good one,  you knew people  heard  it.

4. How was the underground scene in Indy back then? You guys had a mix of hardcore punk/death metal/grindcore. Did some people ever give you the “what in the fuck?” response that some extreme bands got?

DOUG: Indy  was  great  back then and  still  is they way I was welcomed back  was humbling.   I  loved  being   the band  that put Indianapolis on the map as far as extreme bands.  I  have got  the what the fuck my whole life. We hand so many influences and liked so much music we just wrote what  we liked. Here is what Radiation Sickness is:  Death Metal from  the ghetto,  Black Metal from the methadone clinic, Crust Grind from  the  graveyard.  We are  just RS man.

5. 1990 was a busy year for Radiation Sickness. The “Bounds of Reality” 7 inch was released on Putrefaction Records( at the time, also home to bands like Fatal, Agathocles, Order From Chaos, Arcturus and others!) This slab is now considered a classic. Also “The Other Me” 12 inch was put out by Old World Records, which this EP is ALSO considered a classic. Tell me about this time and how did you get in contact with those labels to put out those killer blasts of goodness?

DOUG: Andre from putrefaction just sent me a letter one  day  and  said  call  me  I  want  to put  a   seven  inch  out for you guys. I  called we  recorded.  What  a label  that  turned  out  to  be. I  want  to  re-press that Bounds of  Reality seven  inch.  It  is  in  CD  format on  the  Madness  Begins.  As  far  as  Old  World same  way.  Tomas  flew  over hung  out for  a few days.  Went  to  watch  us  play  with  Macabre.  I  am  so   lucky  to  be  a part of  that.  Any  label  that  wants  to  re-press The  Bounds email  me.

6. I DID say busy in 1990 because I have to mention the 3 way split with Nomicon and Shud on Hard Blast Records. AND the 4 way split with Wartburgs für Walter, Lost and Horse Laugh on Panx Productions. What made you guys decide to work with these labels and bands to get these records out there?

DOUG: I  did  not  even  know  about  a couple of  the releases. We just  liked putting  stuff  out.  The  labels would  ask  for  a  song we  would  say  yes.  This  year  we  want to  do  four  split  sevens with all  new  songs and  covers.

7. Radiation Sickness then seemed to fall off the face of the earth at some point. When did the band break up? And what were you all up to all those years?

DOUG: Man  I  just   walked  away,  walked  away.  It  fell  apart  after I  left.  I  was in  school  got  married  to  a  (C U N  T)  just locked in jail   I  have  very  bad  depression,  I  was  depressed  so  many years I  was  away.  It  was  a  stay in  the  hospital for depression that got me  back in touch  with  the  scene.

8. Fast forward to 2005 and the “Circle of Sickness” discography was put out. Who released this?

DOUG: This  home  made  job  was  released  by  Mike  Rippy  front  man for Indy’s  best  punk  band  ever  The  Dockers and  Byron  Holton.  I  think  Byron’s  kids  did  the  cutting  and  folding  of  the inserts!!!!   This  rules  that  they  did this.

9. Was there a recording done as Radiation Sickness without you at some point around this time?

DOUG: Yes  there  was  a  demo  cut  after  I  left.  I  have  heard  it,  the  music  was  great.  We  used  a lot of  those song’s for Reflections of  a  Psychotic  past.  The  music  was  changed  some and  all new  lyrics  written.  Plus  we  had  Tom  Ball  come  back  with  us  instead of  Ricky on  guitar.  So  his sound is  killer. They  did  not  have  anyone  with the  drive  to  push  it.  We  had  a  nice  deal  when  I  left for  those songs  to  be  put out.

10. Then in 2010, you guys decided to get back together. How did this all come about? Tell the maniacs out there about this time.

DOUG: Depression  brought  RS  back  together.  I  was  out  done with  life  went  to the  hospital  for  depression.  While  this  was  going  on,  I  got  back  in  touch  with  Mike  Rippy  soon  I  was  surrounded by  old  friends.  They  where  talking us  into  doing  a  re-union  show.  We  did  and  here  we  are.  Life  works  in  strange  ways  sometimes.

11. In 2012, the mighty Dan and Abyss Records put out “Reflections of a Psychotic Past”. Talk to me about how this deal came about and how has the response been so far for this killer album?

DOUG: Well  Danny  lives   10  minutes  from  me  I  have  know  him  since  he  was  like  14.  It  was  a  done  deal  before  we  even decided to  record.  The  response  has  been  amazing,  I   am  just  awe struck  over  the  reviews and  show  responses.

12. Tell me about the Radiation Sickness live shows! What bands have you had the chance to play with, both in the past and recent times? You guys were on the first and legendary DAY OF DEATH Fest back in the day AND also played this last year as well right?

DOUG: Yes  we  played  the Day of  Death  III  with  some  amazing  bands Like  Gravehill, Cardiac Arrest and  Prime  Evil.  We  also  played the  first  one way  way  back in  1990.  Bands  well  we  played  a  garage  with  Macabre  once, Repulsion several  times. Deicide, so  many  great  bands I  cant  list  them  all.  Anytime  we  share  the  stage  with  any  band  is  a great  time.

13. There was also a compilation put out last year called “The Madness Begins”. Tell me about this release.

DOUG: Mark  Murray  an  old  pal  we  all  know put The  Madness  begins  out  on  Negative Reaction  records.  It  is  amazing.  It  has  the  Bounds  seven inch  and  the  first  two demo  tapes, re-mastered.  A  live  set  and  DVD  from  Flint  MI,  (wonder  who  we  played  with  in  Flint).  Also  a  file  full  of  old  flyers  and  photos.  To  get  it  go  to :  https://www.facebook.com/negativereactionrecords?fref=ts

14. Going back to your past Doug, how did you first get involved in the extreme music underground?

DOUG: I  hated  everything  that  was mainstream.  I   used  to  hang  at  Karma Records  and  it  all  got  started  there.

15. What are the future plans for Radiation Sickness moving forward?

DOUG: Ok  we  want  to  get  Reflections  out  on  wax and  do  four  split  seven  inches  this   year.   Reflections  is  also  being   put  out  as  a split  on  Patac  records on  cassette.  If  you  own  a   underground  label  and  want  to  do  a  split  seven  for  say  like  RS  and  Gravehill  reach  out  to  Doug  Palmer  at: indycardoug38@yahoo.com

16. I want to thank you Doug for the interview. Now is the time to get the maniacs any links or info on how to get in contact with you guys and get your merch info out there. Any other last words?

DOUG: Thanks  for  the  interview  man,  no last  words  but  get  a  prescription for  what  you do so you  don’t get  busted!!!!   It  was  great  sharing  the  stage  with  Gravehill  last  October.

For  Reflections  and  Abyss  records  go  to: www.officialabyssrecords.com/

The  Radiation Sickness  Page  is: www.facebook.com/RadiationDoug?fref=ts

For  booking  or  wanting  to  put  out  one  of  the  split  sevens  email me at: Indycardoug38@yahoo.com Stay  Sick

Interview link: www.metalmaniacs.com/2013/radiation-sickness-interview/

Radiation Sickness links:

Booking Agent: indycardoug38@yahoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RadiationDoug

Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/radiationdoug

Last fm: www.last.fm/music/Radiation+Sickness

Abyss Records links:

Label & Online Music Store: www.officialabyssrecords.com

Myspace: www.myspace.com/abyssrecordsofficial

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OfficialAbyssRecords

Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/label/abyssrecords

Last fm: www.last.fm/label/AbyssRecords

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/MinionfortheAbyss

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AbyssRecords

To purchase RADIATION SICKNESS “Reflections of a Psychotic Past” CD and other RADIATION SICKNESS merchandise go to: www.officialabyssrecords.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=radiation+sickness


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