DAEMONICUS (Sweden) “Deadwork” CD review by www.fobiazine.net

DAEMONICUS (Sweden) “Deadwork” CD review

by www.fobiazine.net

By Fobia Zine

Again, I take a bag full of rattling bones on his back and went on a trek to the Swedish death metal death hill. Like the mythical Sisyphus vainly trying, as well as a band DAEMONICUS, to reach the top. But that was a long time ago already subdued old teacher Dismember, Grave, Bolt Thrower, Unleashed, etc. Now it’s just about how the young band that knows how to build. It convincingly play death metal can Rattling few. DAEMONICUS set out on the difficult journey in 2006 with the first timid demo recording. He wore down his spurs as a full album Host of Rotting Flesh in 2009, which did not meet very positive response. But already at that time was a great feeling from the recording enthusiasm and rock lobster lovers deadly metal they must have been satisfied. I personally had a little bit worse was angry sound recordings.

This year, the record with the name of former Deadwork avoid abuses, put their heads together and decided to reach just below the summit. They took from their teachers the best and blended it into a very tasty cocktail, in which it rattles just like in the nineties. Added to the songs chilling melodies, and the result is a very tasty and savory bloody. My tiny bit at times this album reminds German colleagues Revel in Flesh, or the last recordings Entrails (and Putaraeon, Blood Mortized and Feral). The board is due to “líbivejším” melodies certainly more palatable to a wider listener base. But it also lost the right “northern” charge, which is at such recordings so much wanted.

Deadwork plate is full of twists and turns, changes of pace, enthusiasm and composer Stefan Hagstrom great voice. It makes the band can distinguish between hundreds of similar ones. Especially in slower passages proves that it is truly pan singer and the band it can be justly proud. Guitars death’n’rollovém often go by the pace, but not afraid of rolling and secondary passages. So you’ll get exactly what the Swedish death metal band playing expect.

I must commend the clear sound of the whole album. All instruments, including singing, sounds as they rot and literally sprayed in all directions. Beautifully “Nordic” is the album cover. Even when you first open the booklet left no one in doubt about what will take place for music CDs.

For young bands is very difficult to play the music of their designs. Most are now labeled as plagiarists in some circles immediately condemned. Of course it depends on your perspective. How to actually build a music critic to the recording on which students overcome some of the last recordings of their designs? I refuse to approach the game pupil – teacher. Always take music as a whole, and just in case DAEMONICUS me my intuition and callous ears suggest to evaluate slightly above average. Not do so because I am convinced again that enthusiasm, the drive emanating from the board. DAEMONICUS recorded a great album full of Swedish death metal. Nothing more, nothing less. And it is not enough. On the contrary, nowadays, when listeners are already “eaten” pretechnizovaných and plastic bands are definitely on it, the more break. At least the fans who have already pulled the nineties that bag full of bones and chrestícího death metal.

Rating: 8/10

This review was originally written in Czech and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Czech click the link below.

Review link: www.fobiazine.net/article/6090/daemonicus–deadwork/

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