BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review by

BANE (Serbia) “The Acausal Fire” DIGI CD review


By Salvador Aguinaga II

BANE is not a stranger as I requested to review them after I listened and reviewed AFTER OBVLIVION’s “Stamina”, an album I recommend you all check out. What’s the connection? Well the fact that drummer, Marko Gacnik, plays in both bands unfortunately he didn’t play in “The Acausal Fire” via Abyss Records. Still it’s pretty cool that he joined BANE or else I would have reminded oblivious about this magnificent act from Serbia.

Now we begin with “Bringing Forth the Endless Dark Aeon”, right from the beginning they give us the impression of death. A scavenged battlefield void of life. A barren wasteland, churning in flames. A slow introduction into the countless murders. Staying in rhythm with an electric triangle, the subtle strikes bring a vibration unto fissures of land as far as the eye can see. About halfway through the song, battle war drums start to play as to signify the end of the world. Once this instrumental reaches its conclusion and on signal to start destruction, “The End of Humanity”, reigns its havoc.

For the next seven tracks you finally see BANE’s potential and ferocity. You are treated to a great blend of blackened Death with them concentrating more on the Black Metal aspect. Adding melody throughout you can see it thrives on bands like DISSECTION and THULCUNDRA. Even the bass has that great traditional sound on “The End of Humanity”. Next, “In Endless Silence” contrary to its name is one of the most ravaging songs on the album. Right from the get-go they establish this fantastic melody that it’s like an injection of morphine saying to yourself this is one of the best things you’ve ever tried. I came to the realization that this is a greatly produced album. Free from overproduction just authentic music without unnecessary magnifications.

What I love about Nokkturno is his ability to be versatile and flexible. On songs like, “Light the Black Flame”, for example the bass is more daring by almost sounding how a fretless would. While traditional Black Metal bass work makes a song seem darker and opaque, here its selectively permeable and accessible. It’s kind of like hearing OBSCURA (Occultum Malleus is a big factor in that assumption as well). Nokkurno’s credibility is seen even further on songs, “The Truth Unleashed” and “World of Desolation”. On the former, he summons this catchy bass line independent of the rest of the music and it fits quite well. While the instruments are soaring and invoking, the bass is subdued and aloof.

Last but not least, “Entering the Paradoxical Sphere”, another great and beautiful instrumental. These guys decided to pay DISSECTION a refuge by covering “Night’s Blood”. It’s a lot heavier and a quality difference. I think they did this song justice. I really wish I had heard this album before submitting my Top 10 of 2012 to my editor. This would have made the cut.

Rating: 9/10

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