The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review by Aristocrazia Webzine

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review

by Aristocrazia Webzine

By Mourning

The Gardnerz I had landed aristocracy of when the first album “The System Of Nature” I was sent by Wilhelm still in a self-produced, later became part of the roster of the Abyss Records, the same label that supports their second release, the ‘ ep “It All Fades.” Mini akbum containing five new and a cover is the evolution that was expected of a band doom / death from more than discreet personal touch, we find it is the corrosivity of the prowess of the metal of death Scandinavian mold, the mother country Sweden is also evident if some reminiscence Finnish here and there you can feel. instead has increased the rate of progressive elements both in terms of the composition of riffing – slightly more complicated but able to properly juggle between sensations purely metal and other devoted to the acoustic side, with the effect of increasing the transparency factor in the songs – both as regards their purely atmospheric now even more varied and intriguing. tracks move on these coordinates giving more or less unleash elemental nature, combining it always this tendency to soften and become sweetish but never dull, the opener “Do not Look Back” is a prime example of how the band has worked particularly on the weaving of plots capable of wriggle easily changing shape and substance in the race, while the cover of Darkthrone Immortal “Transilvanian Hunger” is a lesson in class and personality that would schiaffata face the myriad cover bands who are unable to go beyond the banal imitation of the original. the song is disrupted, the frost becomes compelling melancholy dominant, the splinters of the guitar riffato turned into an exhibition folk gentle, she was given new life and performance of the singer Paulina Strihavka (which will pay for the items in the second title track) is sublime, the interpretation of the lyrics written by Fenriz is so suave and gentle in some places to touch the lulling, yet you will notice that listening to good music is that, still the “Transilvanian Hunger” we love. Gardnerz The The have made ??a big step forward, the bases that were planted with the debut were already perfect square and to support the artistic qualities of good quality inherent in the Swedish combo, now this place so widely dedicated to give space to sound the “middle” is so that on the whole the whole body music it receives gain, going forward listening in fact you will appreciate chapters as “Melatonin” and “Erasing Bad Specimen” in which the classic aura and a layer of desolation additional join the company offered so far. Going forward, I can only look forward to the release of the second work of this group, and hope that the changes in this “It All Fades” – including in the production you will notice significant progress with regard to yield and care of both sounds – find further development and maturation, so I can only strongly recommend the purchase of this little gem.

This review was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Italian click the link below.

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