The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review by

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “It All Fades” CD EP review


By Karmator

Again we speak of a Scandinavian band, exactly from the south of Sweden. Born just 5 years The Gardnerz we offer a modern doom death with this EP “It All Fades”. Also have to make use of the recording contract with Abyss Records, it is expected, therefore, an interesting album. Unfortunately this is not so, in fact we are quite out of place with the opening of “Do not Look Back”. Rhythm according to my modest opinions, including a death / thrash 80 years, back when everything was to be born. A tone of voice that convinces them in the more driven than in quieter but that have little to do with doom metal. Even those moments when Niclas is delighted with the clean is slightly out of tune and totally unrelated with the melody. “A Horrible Disease” instead seems to take a different turn. Beautiful rhythm parts of distorted guitar and electric, it really creates a great atmosphere I say ambient, Niclas only fails to really mix everything.Unfortunately, his vocal timbre is not suitable at any time, or at least the approach has had on this record. At number 3 we find an interesting surprise, the acoustic version of “Transilvanian Hunger” of the legendary Darktrhone. Not only is reinterpreted in a really amazing and impressive, with acoustic guitars and nothing else, but it is also actually sung by a woman. Unfortunately I could not find any info on the singer in question, but be aware that this cover has nothing to do with the original, really exciting. Returning to the planet The Gardnerz, we proceed with the title track, which just changes the sound so far proposed, but only makes it slightly more death. Unfortunately I have to say how much they have described in their bio, I can only accept the fact that their music there is a moment of doom, but its patchy. But perhaps finally towards the end find their way, “Melatonin” best expresses their vision of a kind in my opinion one of the finest metal environment. This time the heavy growl of the Nile Niclas fits perfectly, but the gap clean. That said, the dark atmosphere and heavy exchange with other more melodic and northern, taking up typical rounds of Swedish folk. But still slow and full of dark energy. Closes “Erasing Bad Specimen” that still falls on a tharsh / death old school, so nothing new to say, unfortunately. What can I say? is a bit ‘a mix, it’s not clear what they want to propose. If the Carcass death or doom. If a death / thrash 80’s or their own personal style grain. There is much, too much confusion and the vocal talents of Niclas repeat for the umpteenth time, they do not fit properly forever, which is a shame because it ruins a lot of the atmosphere created by the music. In my opinion they should decide what to do and make a clear decision. This EP leaves me perplexed.

Rating: 68/100

This review was originally written in Italian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Italian click the link below.

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