SEPTEKH (Sweden) Interview by The Wizard of Noz

SEPTEKH (Sweden) Interview

by The Wizard of Noz

By Noswal Nevik

1. Start off by introducing yourself and what is your role in your band?

My name is Staffan and I’m the drummer. I also do some of the composing when I’m in the correct mood.

2. So you are about to release a new EP, what can you tell us about the new release and how does it differ from your previous EP “The Seth Avalanche”?

It contains everything from a rocking Motörheadish sledgehammer type of song to a weird and evilly twisted estranged tune and a truly grand and epic closer to round things off amongst other ditties.

I’d say that it is more coherent and powerful. The songs are more defined, carry themselves well and at the same time fits better together when you look at the whole album. It’s also darker and colder in some ways (both lyrically and musically. A bit stern and serious but with a passionate fire raging inside if I’m allowed to be pretentious. You can call it a perfect pit stop between The Seth Avalanche and the new full length that will follow this release. It will introduce some new elements to the musical universe of Septekh

3. Tell me a little about the other members of the band? And do any of you play in other bands?

None of us play in any other band. Septekh is our priority and focus. We have David who is the guitar player and main composer. He played briefly in a weird sort of hill billy country back side blues band called The Cracker Jacks I think. Very dark, which blues can be, but still… Blues. Don’t think it was that serious though. Right now he is building a flamethrower. A handyman.

Nils is the vocalist and lyricist. He is also building a flamethrower. Also a handyman.

George-Patrik is the base player. He wants to help out with the flamethrower but can’t because he is living hundreds of miles away in the desolate North right now. So he plays the base all day I’ve heard.

4. Tell me a little about the releases you have and where they are available for purchase?

The Seth Avalanche EP is available from major record stores and digital distributors such as Itunes . Also directly from our label Abyss Records. Very soon Apollonian Eyes will be released, also on Abyss.

5. Are you a touring band or are you a studio only band? If you are a touring band list some of your best shows so far, or if you are a studio only band explain why that is?

We are very much a live act. We love to write songs and to record (being in the studio environment is fun… Most of the time) but more or less all our material is written to work well live. We try as much as possible to capture on record what we do live as well. 

6. Do you have any amusing stories from when you recorded your album or when you where on the road?

Not really any fantastic over the top stuff. The most outrageous events has occurred when the band is locked away by itself  at the rehearsal place Studio 508 strangely enough. Oh, and there was a rather famous Swedish band (that shall remain unnamed) that came by Silence Studios when we recorded our full length this summer. They arrived early and really had nothing else to do but wait. Naturally you turn to various kind stimulants to make time pass. It turned out to be quite a spectacular night!

7. Name some of the bands that have influenced your playing style and then name some of the bands that people think influenced you but didn’t?

Lets see… I’ve seen people mention Witchery, Skeleton Witch and Gehennah (Swedish one) which are bands that none of us have ever listened to. But Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Darkthrone, QOTSA, Emperor and Aura Noir are some of the bands we like and have been inspired by. Some more than others of course but influences come from so many bands and things so it’s always hard to present a clear picture. Every one of the mentioned bands has at least a note combination, drum fill or other part  that you can find in a Septekh song and trace it right back to the source.

One day I will start making a list of all the good bands that need mentioning!

8. What are some of your all time favorite albums?

For me I’ll go ahead and name three: Aura Noir – Hades Rise, The Smashing Pumkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (badass double album) and Black Sabbath – Sabotage.

9. Name some of the all time worst or overated Metal albums in your opinion?

Very hard to think of any. Usually when an album sucks I tend to avoid listening to it.

10. Let everyone know what the band has planned for the future.

First off we are going to make a video for the song Burn It To The Ground. It will be amazing and eclipse all our previous visual efforts. Then we have a FULL LENGTH ALBUM ready (finalizing the mix now) for the world. That is the big thing. We are also looking into several opportunities to tour this spring. Hopefully we will make it outside of Sweden!

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