BANE (Serbia) Interview by Metal Fever

BANE (Serbia) Interview

by Metal Fever

By Nikola Knezevic

With us, Branislav Panic founder and chief man in the band Bane also a member of the band and Keychain Goat Eater. There are currently in Canada. Bane is a band from Novi Sad was initially a one man band now line up with the team: Bojan Vukoman (bass), Nokkturno (bass, vocals 2011), backing vocals (2012), Mark Gacnik (drums 2012), Lukáš Sýkora (guitar 2012) . Bane has so far had seven editions, not counting demos 2007th not published six. There are EP, three and two split albums STUDY.

MF : Hello Branislav, greetings from the cast of Metal Fever. How’d you come up with the idea to start recording material as a one man band today with a line up of the team according to a small number of artists moving as one man band?

Branislav:  Greetings to you! He had set a long time ago … in a period 2005/2006-e years I have been a member of the band Sangre Eterna, and I started writing some of his ideas that simply did not fit into the concept of the band because they are targeting something contrary to what I zamišjao, so it all started from there … I recorded the first demo when I got out of the band, in the hope that I will get to use the same people to cooperate, but it had not happened.

MF : Why was it not possible collaborators? No you do not initially asked for a promotion?

Branislav:  And a lot fewer musicians, people are generally known to be so because I have not found anyone since. Again, on the other hand, it seems to me that the (local, especially local ie Novi Sad) Black Metal music scene was much weaker, and so there was some interest in such a project.

MF : Do today’s line up a permanent team or is it now changed since your going to Canada? We read something that you went to Canada for prnonalaženja new members that will refresh composition Bane?

Branislav : This setup was at least somewhat constant until the time I left the country, which means that the band is currently on a “break” when / if I find in general new members of the band corresponding to BANE continued with concerts .

MF : Since first demo entitled “Unvinished” was not published because the production was poor, followed the EP ” Misanthropia “2010. year. Can you tell us a little more about it and say that the bands involved in the EP release?

Branislav : Again I say, the first demo was recorded only for the simple reason that I wanted to find a live lineup, because neither has ever been issued because this edition I was always more of a band, not to listeners while the EP “Misanthropia” it somewhat had more sense than the first demo hehe, so we ga and released. On this recording we participated only Goat (Goat Ritual – bass / vocals) and myself (guitar / vocals), to be joined shortly after us Zombie (Infest) on drums. The EP is especially dear to me, because it marked the beginning of a new era BANE as a band and not a project, and experienced its re-release just a few months after the first print run sold out .

MF :  How was your experience working with them EP and what is your experience working with people in Canada and people in Serbia? Is there a difference and if so what is it ?

Branislav :  Recording EP passed pretty fine, without any major problems. With a Goat was great, but unfortunately he could not devote the same time and the band and decided to come out the same .  musicians shining all through the world, but the question is how much he wants and get serious. BANE last setup was ideal, indeed all men were maximal serious and committed to what we were doing, but as you can see it did not come immediately, but only at the beginning of 2012-year. Therefore, it’s not about globalization – it does not matter where people are, but the individuality of each man in particular – that is essential .

MF : T in’re right and I agree with you. Album “Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness”, that contains nine songs of which is my personal favorite, “Pandemonium” was filmed in Canada or Serbia?

Branislav :  This album was recorded in the Czech Republic, in HellSound Studio, where they later recorded local bands The Stone, Infest , etc. .. otherwise I’m glad, because it’s also a favorite song from the first album.

MF : Pandemonium is really something special. Almost in all editions except the last two and the first EP. participated and Khargash . How was working with them?

Branislav :  It had its good side – recording was great, but live performances are the band represented a huge problem with it, so he was replaced.

MF:  Split’ve worked a lot with the band Lycanthropy are “Black Souls Rebellion” (2011) and “Dissolve and COAGULATE” (2012). Tell us more about these issues and some of the band Lycanthropy.

Branislav :  Split-these are issues that perhaps love most, because they are exactly what needs to be Underground – brotherhood between the bands. Lycanthropy is a great band from Russia (with members from Ukraine). Their music is really something special and I’m glad to now have these 2 Split editions with them – the first is a 5-Way Digi-CD which is, I think, sold out, while the second zaobelezijo our first release on vinyl – works is a black and white 7 “edition that is limited to 500 copies.

MF :   Obviously, these are great splits .. The last album “The Acausal Fire” also makes the second STUDY ten poems. Where was filmed, and what’s your favorite tunes you would izdvoio from that album ?

Branislav :  The second album was also recorded where the first – Hellsound Studio, Czech Republic. favorite track from it was hard to choose, because we are still not settled everything … when we publish the third album I’ll tell you (laughs). Joking aside, if I had to choose only one, it would probably be “As Chaos Rises.”

MF : video for the song “In Silence Endless” whether the material was collected with appearances Bane So it all turned into an official spot or is done all organized.

Branislav:  Nah, this spot is essentially the “accident” was released when we skapirali to be able to gather a lot of video material for the same, so we ga izmontirali Nokkturno, Lukas I do. And guess not so bad that the future turns out none of it was planned in advance.

MF:  It’s interesting (laugh)., tell us briefly how’s your other band Keychain?’ll talk about it some other time more, but readers certainly interested.

Branislav:  Glad to hear it. Keychain is currently seeking a new singer, because we are not long parted with Milos … but we have a lot of material, and the plan is the first studio album that would certainly at least should get out to the end year. For now things slow, but what is certain is that once it is gone, there is no downtime. For all those interested can follow us on oficijalnoj Facebook page ( / keychainofficial ), and along the way to listen to us first single “These Empty Skies” ( .

MF: And here’s a question for the end: How ocenjuješ today’s metal scene in Serbia ?

Branislav : Uh … let’s just say the scene as the state. has good bands, it’s a fact, but not excellent quality. club has even gone, and when, and there are some, mostly disastrous conditions. Metal Shop, there is no (longer). Publishers can the fingers to name (congratulations to them – you know who you are), a serious promoters have set out to do the job properly, now that it was hard and when virtually no one pays to lead. majority realize that just as a hobby, because of the conditions and lack of professionalism that it all comes down to a more serious level, and therefore all acts in half, not tasty. course, come to the (so we have already concluded 666 times) classic “so-called Serbian Metalac” who do not have a story of how a scene, nor buys discs, nor going to concerts. Nothing in his life had he done for the scene, but sitting behind the screen (usually under an assumed name) and spits on me, or on any other band that there is any kind of “success” – generally spits on the scene, and he actually belong to the same but nothing works constructively to improve the situation. My friends big (it will recognize same), because such like you I have the strength and the will to push forward and to go his way so as not to look like you (physically and psychologically ). I have nothing to hide or be ashamed to say it is. only question: how do you, when you get up in the morning (or the afternoon), and when you look in the mirror ?

MF :   This is a great speaking with regard to the I completely agree with you. Todays “Metalheads” should be a little more to address the issue of CD discs . Branislava Thank you so much for your time for this interview. We wish you the best of luck in the future work .

Branislav :  Nicholas and Metal Fever – a big thank you, I am the one who needs to thank you for your time – you are the ones who give fans a metal sound what they want to see and read, we have bands that just doing our music, real egoists (laughter)! All the best and to you, we hear you! HAIL CHAOS!-Branislav

This interview was originally written in Serbian and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original interview in Serbian click the link below.

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